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Pursuit of Easing into Fall

I am so excited for this time of year, and the fashion that follows. I am just waiting for the weather to cool down just a smidge so I can wear layers, boots, tights, and scarves. But really I think its about time we bring scarves in, don’t you think? After all, scarves can really be worn any time of year as long as they’re lightweight enough to withstand the heat. I’ve been playing around with my favorite scarf and how to wear it, and I’m finding that its pretty versatile.




My favorite way to wear this is the usual wrap around the neck. The fringe makes such an awesome detail no matter how you wear it, but this is my favorite. Here, I layered it with a slightly bold necklace. I see no reason you can’t wear a necklace just because you’re wearing a scarf. In fact, I highly encourage it! It makes for a really unique look.  (Midas, one of our kitties, had to make a little cameo on this blog post, he loves being outside.)

B__S0198 B__S0201

Not only can a scarf be a beautiful accessory, but it can also be a layer of its own! I thought of the pictures Jason and I snapped with Catherine Coons would be a great example of how this scarf was turned into an over layer. It appears to be like a shawl, or even a kimono because of the look of this particular scarf. I’m in love with the way it drapes over my shoulders so casually. Wearing it this way makes the fringe appear more dramatic too, which I like. Who knew a scarf could be so versatile? This is a whole fresh look for this little number.

B__S0232Here you can see more clearly, I chose and even bolder necklace to complete the look. There is nothing up around your neck when you wear a scarf this way, so I think it was appropriate. I chose something that I thought would complement the ethnic look of the scarf/shawl.

B__S0387 B__S0457

Let me tell you, it was so extremely hot out that day. But this layer was perfect! An outfit just doesn’t look complete without a layer sometimes, and for this outfit it was the perfect cherry on top. It’s super lightweight, so it worked with the weather, and I didn’t feel silly wearing it. It is still a little hot out, and it doesn’t quite seem like fall yet, but I think starting to accessorize with scarves is a good way to ease into fall. (Another great accessory is a handsome man, apparently)


When putting together this post, I thought of the difficulties people have with scarves. A question I often get is how to wear a scarf or how to tie it. It seems like a simple thing, but it can actually get quite tricky when trying new ways. I came across this wonderful video that shows you 25 ways to wear a scarf in less than 5 minutes. I found it really helpful, and I found some new ways for myself!

Pursuit of Fashion


Yesterday was a big day for me as a stylist. I held my very first gathering, a  style workshop at Anthropologie. It was so exciting and I was so honored to teach people about fall fashion and style. I themed the event around fall, and chose fall inspired goodies for everyone to indulge in. Caramel popcorn, and pomegranate champagne was served to all of the attendees. (Which was so yummy!)

IMG_1225 IMG_1192 IMG_1190 IMG_1205 IMG_1191

For the workshop, I asked my attendees to bring in some things of their own.  We carefully re- worked them in a new way to freshen their wardrobe up a bit. We also featured how to transition some pieces through different seasons. I chose a fall inspired outfit for each person, and those pieces could be added onto something they already had too!

IMG_1207 IMG_1270 IMG_1213 IMG_1267

It was great to see members of our community together, doing something they enjoy. The conversations and questions I received were really interesting, and inspiring. I was so happy that it turned out as well as it did! It was so great to have the opportunity to work with everyone, and see old pieces work like new! I cannot wait to host another one of these gatherings. If anyone in the Tampa Bay area is interested, please contact


For my workshop, I wanted a special fall outfit… and this dress is the epitome of fall! Fall is my favorite time for fashion.. and this dress was calling my name. I fell in love with all of the detail in the embroidery, and the amazing colors throughout. I had to have this dress! This piece by Adelyn Rae, was made perfectly for someone with my body type. It really hugs my curves in the right way, which is great. I think this is going to be my go-to dress for the season. It is lovely because it can be dressed casually or fancy, all depending on how you outfit it.


IMG_1178 IMG_1179I had just purchased these booties from DSW by Crown Vintage earlier that day , and decided this dress would look perfect with a pair of booties. Because it isn’t quite cool yet, booties were a great option rather than full boots. (Although I can’t wait to wear my knee high brown boots with this baby) I love these particular shoes because they can go with ANYTHING; they’re so super versatile. They are on the essentials list. They can go with black, brown, and any other color you could think of.


These are such special pieces, I just had to share it! It was the perfect outfit for a perfect night.  I can’t wait for it to cool down, and for when fall is in full swing!