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Pursuit of Fashion and Craftiness

I really dislike being a repetitive outfit repeater. (That sounds redundant, but it’s true!) I know that with my tighter budget, I will wear the same pieces over and over again. Every couple weeks or so, its completely fine to repeat an outfit, but I like to mix and match different pieces in my closet as often as possible to make new outfits. Below, you’ll find examples of how to do just that. I have constructed six ways to wear the same skirt, and you can too!

1.  Simple: skirt, black sweater, scarf, bootiesjIMG_14832. Skirt (as a dress), black turtleneck, brown braided belt, brown riding boots


3. Repeat number two, add a vest, and put the belt around the entire outfit for a completely different look.

IMG_1494 IMG_1493

4. Skirt, black collared button down (tied at the waist), black floppy hat, booties


5. Skirt (as a dress), chambray, (tied at the waist), black tights, black point toe flats



6. Skirt (as a dress), black blazer, bejeweled gold belt, black tights, black point toe wedges



There you have it folks, six ways to wear the same piece. Honestly, there are endless possibilities. I hope this inspires you to get crafty with your own outfitting!

All photography by Becca Vaughan

Pursuit of Fashion and Vintage Wear

B__L0228I’m embracing these fall tones for as long as possible. The reds, yellows, tans, blacks, an oranges just look so beautiful together. To me, this kimono is perfectly colored for fall. I recently inherited some vintage clothing from my grandmother and was fortunate to have found this gorgeous kimono. Kimonos are very much in right now, so I figured I could get some great use out of it.


This is one of my favorite pieces in my closet, and its even more special because it belonged to my grandmother. I love knowing that there is history hidden within this garment that goes way beyond my lifespan. (That’s the history nerd speaking there.)

B__L0238 B__L0243Though my kimono is vintage, there are some really cool ones out there. I found some similar pieces HERE, HERE, and HERE. 


This kind of layering is unique, and can create a really elevated look. I chose to make the kimono a little dressier by pairing it with a simple black strapless dress, a brown belt, and wedges. It also can be very casually outfitted, perhaps with shorts, a white tank, and some flats. Kimonos are pretty versatile pieces to work with. Definitely a must have item for this season. B__L0323All photography done by Catherine Coons

Pursuit of Fashion

Everlasting Pursuits got a little make over! One of my great friends, Alexander Fountain, created an adorable banner for this site. He is incredibly talented, and such a genuinely wonderful person. He’s finally got his portfolio website up and running, you can check it out here. His most recent work on his very own wedding is insanely beautiful! It’s an absolute must see.

Part Three of Bringing Summer Pieces to Fall:

B__L0067Quick and easy: take simple dresses, and put them with a pair of tights. This pairing makes for an awesome look. I love wearing dresses, and I refuse to put them away because of the season. The solution is tights! For this example, I chose a solid colored dress, which gave me a little more freedom to add pattern. These floral tights can be paired with many many colored dresses.  With a patterned dress, you can add a solid colored pair of tights. Colored opaque tights can add the perfect pop to an outfit, and will make your spring dresses look appropriate for fall.


B__L0114 B__L0134To transform from a spring look to a fall look, I exchanged brown sandals for grey booties (to protect my little toes as the weather gets cooler. ) If I wanted to, I could add a jacket over the dress to add some warmth, or even layer it with a pull over sweater like in last week’s post.

B__L0052The perfect handbag: I think my most favorite vintage find ever is my The Dooney & Bourke black and saddle tan purse. It is really great because of its two neutral colors. I can pretty much get away with wearing it with anything because of its coloring. I decided this bag would be perfect for this outfit.

B__L0122 B__L0121 B__L0120

Accessories really make this outfit special, without them, the look would be a bit bare. I added a glitzy gold belt to give the outfit a little bit of sparkle. By adding a belt like this, it can really elevate a dress. Also, by adding a belt, it accentuates my waistline. The eye is drawn there, opposed to other parts of the dress and my body. This dress is just a basic from H&M, but it becomes really special with the added accessories. I had to add my favorite necklace, of course, because the colors played in so well.  The rest of the accessories are just simple gold go-to pieces.


The idea of adding tights to a dress is a quick and easy way to transform an outfit to suit the season. These floral tights were just too fun to pass up. This idea can be taken in many different directions, and can be applied to many different looks.

All photography taken by Catherine Coons

Pursuit of Fashion


Like I promised, this week’s post will be focused on taking Summer items and making them work for Fall. This week, I am taking my Easter maxi dress to a different level.

This Summer, my good friend Catherine Coons took some lovely shots of Jason and I. For the shoot, I styled this dress accordingly;

B__S0084 B__S0127B__S0058


I did this outfit up with a denim vest, brown braided leather belt, brown sandals and some sunnies. These layers were appropriate for a hot day in the summertime in Florida. But Fall, even in Florida, is a little chillier.


Can you wear maxis in the fall? YES! I get this question a whole lot, and I see no reason not to wear a maxi dress in Fall (as long as you are warm enough). To re-work this dress for the season, I layered it with a cropped sweater for warmth. Lately, I have been using this method to re-vamp my closet quite a bit. I find it to be the easiest way to warm up but still wear the dresses that I love. It really looks like an entirely different dress with the sweater layer.


I paired this maxi with my favorite grey booties from DSW, adding a little more warmth. By wearing these booties, it also added another color to the pallet of this look.

If you live somewhere colder than Tampa, Fl, you can always put an under layer of thermal leggings, no one will ever see them under the dress, and you won’t have to worry about being cold outside. IMG_1480

To add some final touches, I placed some of my favorite necklaces around my neck. The longer citrine crystal necklace is my newest go-to neckalace  from Anthropologie (plus is carries some positive vibes). Another idea to accessorize would be to add a solid colored scarf to make the outfit even more appropriate for Fall.


It’s actually pretty simple to really transform a garment to work with all seasons. This is a quick way to do just that. What do you think? Leave a comment!