Monthly Archives: January 2015

Pursuit of Local Spotlights

IMG_9764I have been looking into going to Green Bench Brewing for quite some time now, and I now regret not going sooner! So many people around Tampa have recommended this place, I had to find out what all the hype was about. Some friends and I decided to explore around St.Pete a little on Tuesday, and our first stop was Green Bench.


Pursuit of Hairstyling

I am so excited, because my hair is FINALLY long enough to do a braid crown again. This style is so fun, and just a little out of the ordinary. It is a playful way to spice things up when my hair game is getting a little dull. Its also pretty easy to do, and great for those in between wash days. Every time I wear this style, someone asks how I do it, so I decided I would post a little tutorial on how I do my version of a braid crown.

What you will need:



Pursuit of Being Prepared


I am one of those girls who can’t seem to carry a clutch to save her life, because it simply does not have enough room. I can often be seen wearing a bigger bag full of fun goodies, some might call it a “Mary Poppins bag.” Its always good to be prepared, right?  A proper handbag should contain everything one could need for the day. In this post, I have broken down exactly what I carry in my bag on a day to day basis.


Pursuit of Fashion

001Today I was inspired to mix up my winter wardrobe by adding a little color. Who said that you can’t wear pastels in winter?

003For this look, I combined thrifted items, bargain deals, and a beautiful dress from Anthropologie of course. The scarf was thrifted from forever ago, and it added the perfect touch to the outfit. It livened up the dress, and gave it some color. I’m loving how the colors really warm up the ensemble (and how to scarf warms up my body!)

006The next added accessory was this awesome bargain handbag. If you dig for long enough, believe it or not, Forever 21 has a few pieces of gold hidden there. I’m loving the shape and color of this little number. It’s a great knock off of the Celine handbag, without being too knockoff like (If that makes any sense at all.)

020The dress, of course, is such a lovely piece. It’s comfy and classic. The fit is super flattering, accentuating my natural waist, and the length is just right for my proportions. This jersey knit is so comfortable, I could probably sleep in it. It comes in three colors, but this one won in the end. I’m a sucker for purple, and this lavender was irresistible.


Pair the dress, the bag, and the scarf, with the perfect pair of grey suede booties, and you’ve got yourself a great casual look. (Just warm enough for Florida winter!)

Pursuit of Professionalism

Today, I am very excited to share a brand new website made by a friend of mine;



Jacqueline French, owner of Bonsai, describes the site as “providing the professional woman with the many resources she needs to succeed in business. It gives her a quick introduction to the most important political, economic and international news so she can be poised and confident about her knowledge of the world. It helps prepare her for the workday by suggesting the most up-to-date business and lifestyle fashions. It nurtures her by giving her health advice and lifestyle awareness.”

In a world where women are still paid 78% of men’s earnings (NCPE), I think its super important for women to be up to date and prepared for a business setting. Bonsai gives great insight into the happenings of the world, and gives women the tools they need to be professional and successful. Everything from news, health tips, and what to wear, you will find on Bonsai.

The site launched today, January 1st, so check it out! It’s most definitely worth your time.