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Pursuit of Fashion

Part Two

IMG_1603 Hey Hey, I told you I’d show you two more ways to wear overalls! (more…)

Pursuit of Travel

At the beginning of January, I received an amazing opportunity to travel to Philadelphia for two days to visit the home office for URBN Inc. It was such a wonderful experience, and it was so inspiring to see the corporate offices of my company. I attended the URBN interview day for the possibility of a summer internship. Though I did not end up landing the internship, it was wonderful to visit nonetheless. I thought I would share some of my photos from the experience.

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Pursuit of Fashion


I’m wearing overalls and you can too! I took a step out of my comfort zone with these babies, but I’m loving the look! Overalls are not the easiest to make look stylish, but I took on the challenge.


Pursuit of Being Thrifty

IMG_2218I am all about the dresses and skirts in this warmth, hello spring! But who says that being fashionable in a new season needs to break the bank? This whole look was found while digging through a local thrift store! Fashion re-fresh! If I can do it, so can you.


Pursuit of Fashion

I am more than thrilled that the weather has warmed up! Now its time to break out the fun skirts and sun hats! This skirt is my new favorite; its a twist on a classic, and Anthropologie couldn’t have done it better.

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Pursuit of Festivals

Pursuit of Festivals… but mostly of strawberries.

I have been interested in going to the Strawberry Festival for some time now, and this year I was determined to go. This year, they also had John Legend performing, and you bet I was not going to miss that!

We ended up eating too much deep fried food, saw tons of characters, danced to John Legend, and had so much fun.

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Pursuit of Exploration

The Ringling Museum was just so beautiful that I wanted to upload a couple more photos to the blog! If you are ever in Sarasota, this place is worth the while.

IMG_0514 IMG_0517   (more…)