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Pursuit of Fashion



Okay, Fall… where are you? I’m far too anxious for some cold fronts down here in Florida! So for this look, I skipped the jacket because, let’s be honest, we REALLY don’t need them right now. But I did say okay to some combat boots and socks for a little touch of Fall. Maybe Mother Nature will get the picture that we’re READY if I let these boots grace the ground for a little while.

IMG_4599 IMG_4654

The little top is so fun! I love how simple it is, but it has the greatest details. Lacey things always get me. This is the sort of top that you can really wear in any season, which makes it so easy to outfit. You can (of course) find this top at Anthropologie.

IMG_4634 IMG_4584Let’s do it Fall… get here already! I’m ready for some pumpkin flavored everything, and scarves and sweaters and jackets!

What is your favorite part of Fall? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Pursuit of the Flared Denim

IMG_4774Okay, so I have been seeing flared denim all over lately, and its inspired me to bring out a pair of my flairs from last year. There is something about flared denim that is a little more bold, a little more adventurous. It’s a little more spunky then just a plain old skinny jean. (But it is JUST as easy to style.)

IMG_4714I simply put on one of my favorite basic striped tees, and did a little half tuck. This is a much more casual look than last week’s flared denim outfit.

IMG_4822I added a big floppy hat to accessorize, and a small gold necklace. I wanted the look to be casual, but still stylish. This look is easy-peasy.



Pursuit of Fashion

IMG_4837Okay, so I am seeing flared denim pop up all over the place, and it has inspired me to bring out a pair of my denim flares from last year. Something about flared denim is just a little more elegant than a skinny, and seems to be easy to make a little dressier. For this look, I was channeling a “casual Friday.” This is the kind of outfit that you could wear on a jeans-Friday to work, and then wear it out afterward.

IMG_4841This top was one of my favorite Summer pieces, but that’s no reason it has to go to the back of the closet just because Summer is coming to a close. When you outfit it with a layer and other colors, (rather than a white denim and espadrille sandals) it fits right into fall. A peplum top is a great way to style flared jeans, and the shape is really flattering a lot of different body types.


(The top and the necklace are now on sale, by the way, you can get them here and here. )

IMG_4831If you’re in the market for flared jeans, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites here:






IMG_4869How do you wear flared denim? Do you dress it up or keep it casual? I’d love to hear from you!