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Pursuit of Pause and Reflect


Who says I have to wait until New Years to start making changes in my life?

As I get closer to graduating college, I am realizing how much more room I have to really improve my lifestyle and begin growing into the type of person I want to be.

I have started coming up with some things I would like to improve on to make myself a better person. I am doing this because I never want to become stagnant, I always want to make myself better, and strive to be the best version of myself.

I was walking on campus the other day and realized I had a little extra time on my hands before my next class. In fact, I usually have an extra ten minutes between my morning classes. Usually I spend it waiting outside the classroom, checking my social media sites. That day I decided to walk through the chapel to get to my next class. (It’s an air conditioned short cut I like to take sometimes.) I decided I had enough time to sit in the meditation room.  I sat, put my phone away, and reflected.

Let me tell you, it made such a difference in my mood for the rest of the day. I am the type of person who gets easily anxious, and can get very overwhelmed, yet I am also an over achiever. Meditation has helped me so much in dealing with feelings of panic and anxiety. I know that meditation helps me immensely, but I usually leave it for my bath time or right before bed. But, breaking up my day made even more of a difference for me. It is so easy to get caught up in my everyday to-do list instead of being present.

I’ve decided that a huge goal for me in the upcoming year will be to break up my day, every day, to pause and reflect.

It takes ten minutes to relax and change your mind-frame. I think I can handle that. Ten minutes and my whole day can be much more pleasant.

If you’re reading this, I challenge you to pause and reflect today, just ten minutes… See how much it changes your day around.

4 Ways to Wear a White Button-Down

IMG_5136The white button-down is such a classic, and there are so many ways to wear it! A button-down is what I call a “power piece,” because it is so versatile, and always looks clean and classy.  So here, I give you four ways to wear a button-down.

1. As a Layer

IMG_5081 IMG_5074

2. With a Layer

IMG_5108 IMG_51033. By itself

IMG_5099IMG_5096 (1)

4. Tied Up (My favorite way!)

IMG_5122 IMG_5118