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Pursuit of Fashion: I am wearing my boyfriend’s shirt.

So… you know the days when you feel like you have nothing to wear? Unfortunately I can no longer raid my roommate’s closet for something cute like back in college…. or at least that’s what I thought.

I decided that I should try to wear my favorite shirt that Jason owns, and here is the result!

_MG_6377 _MG_6365 _MG_6371I felt very T-Swift in this little outfit, and I actually really enjoyed it. I tied it up to add a little feminine touch, and simply paired it with my favorite high waisted jeans. Simple and fun, and even more special because it is Jason’s.

Be adventurous with your outfitting, try new things!

Feeding the Solar Plexus

The solar plexus chakra is centered right around the stomach and is associated with digestion. Out of all the chakras, the solar plexus is most sensitive to the foods you eat. I am always trying to improve my diet and eat healthy, but I have had problems with digestion since I was a child. So, this is something I obviously want to work on.

Eating foods that have a high fiber content can stimulate your solar plexus.

Sources of fiber:


Whole Grains


Brown Rice

Popcorn (Not microwave butter popcorn!)



Another way to stimulate the solar plexus charka,  is to eat a good carbohydrates. (Whole grains, corn, bananas, ect.)  If we eat too many carbs, the solar plexus can be overworked. Balance is key.

Since the solar plexus is related to the color yellow, yellow foods like fresh corn, yellow bell peppers, bananas, and lemons can also stimulate this area.

Mornings are so important to set the mood for the rest of your day. In the mornings is where I collect my thoughts for the day, and I prepare myself for what is ahead. However, I feel like the mornings are the times when I get the most anxious, as I sort though all of the things I need to do for the day. This week, in the morning, I will be focusing on taking time for myself, doing at least a 30 minute yoga session, and eating the right foods.

I am a planner. I like to have all of my days laid out for myself, so I am going to make a morning ritual for myself here in hopes that it makes my morning smoother. Feel free to follow along with my ritual if you please.

Wake Up:

Hit Snooze : 10 mins

 Let’s be honest here, I am not a morning person so this might be a struggle to get up earlier than normal.

Water /Small Smoothie  : 15 mins

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.10.19 AM

Smoothies are my favorite way to get a lot of nutrients into a small meal.  (Recipe below!) I also have to remember to drink more water! Water kickstarts your metabolism, gets rid of toxins, and actually helps you control your hunger.

Morning Yoga Session : 30 mins

I usually follow along with a video in my living room at home so I can easily make adjustments due to my knee injury, and it saves so much time!

Get ready1 hr

This includes rinsing off, getting dressed, doing my hair and makeup, and brushing my teeth.

Breakfast : 30 mins

Cold oats (with milk), berries, nuts, flax seeds. (Recipe below!)

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 9.08.39 AM

There are a lot of ingredients in there that are great for stimulating my solar plexus chakra! 

Oh, also coffee, of course.

I usually leave for work about a half hour before my shift starts to leave me plenty of time for just-in-case type things. (I also like to get to work early so I can settle in before I dive into my day.)

This plays out to be about a 2.5 hour morning regimen. It is about an hour longer than what I usually plan for, so this could be a challenge. But hopefully it brings some peace to my mornings.

I am also planning on meal prepping for the smoothie and cold oats, that way I don’t stress about it in the morning. 

I will keep the blog updated to let you know how this morning regimen plays out!

That’s all for now!




Morning Smoothie:

2 cups of kale: 2g of fiber/ 4g of protein

(Kale is packed full of nutrients and vitamins, and has many proven benefits– I highly recommend some of this green to get your morning going!) 

1 avocado

This makes your smoothie nice and creamy! You can also use a banana if you wish.

2 cups of frozen strawberries: 6g of fiber

(Strawberries are full of antioxidents, help protect your heart, and are fat burners!) 

2 tbsp of lemon juice

2tbsp of chia seeds: 8g of fiber/ 4g of protein

2 Scoops of protein powder: 50g of protein

We have been using Whey Protein Isolate by Jay Robb

This recipe makes two smoothies

Total: 33g of protein and 8 g of fiber per serving! Plus tons of other nutrients packed in! 

Cold Oats:

1 cup of old fashioned oats: 8g of fiber

1 oz of almonds: 3g of fiber/ 6g of protein

1 tbsp of flax seeds: 1.5g of protein/ 2g of fiber

 1/2 cup of fresh strawberries

1/2 cup of milk: 4g of protein

Leave in the fridge overnight to let the milk absorb into the oats. 

Total: 13g of fiber, and 11.5g of protein

If you eat the smoothie and the cold oats in the morning you’ll have 37g of protein and 21g of fiber!

(You should be eating about 28g of fiber a day and 46g of protein a day, so you’ve got a great head start! Remember–breakfast is the most important meal of the day!)

Solar Plexus Chakra

Today I made the decision that it was time to move on to balancing my solar plexus chakra. I was so worried about beginning my journey with the sacral plexus because previously, I have struggled in that area of my life. But recently, I have been feeling like the actually part I should focus on lies within the solar plexus. So, what a perfect time to start.

symbol-jumbo-solar-plexus-chakra“I passionately live my purpose and move forward with unwavering courage.” 

These words will be my mantra for the next week. I have had issues with anxiety in the past, especially throughout college. I had/have issues with panic attacks, and morning anxiety. But through meditation, yoga, and balance, I have stopped it from overtaking my life. My life recently had a huge shift when I started working full time. Since then, I have seen my anxiety bubbling up again, and I have felt like I don’t have the strength to contain it. In the mornings, it makes me sick to my stomach, which is never fun. I had a moment the other day, and  I just couldn’t contain it anymore, and broke down in tears. Jason recommended that I use meditation and balance to settle it down again. Instead of letting this spiral out of control, I am going to dive back in, and really focus my energies on being confident and having faith that everything will work out with way it is supposed to. I think it is really rooted in confidence, and life balance.  I think shifting my focus onto myself, and on my solar plexus will have a significant impact on my life in its current state.

“The Solar Plexus Chakra is located just above the naval and below the rib cage. It is our energy center and it radiates vital life energy (prana) through-out our entire body. It is where our Will Power comes from;  our ability to achieve, self-esteem, raw emotions, and self-discipline are all governed by the Manipura. It is where we can have a mental understanding of our emotional self.” -Source

“The third chakra is the center of your self-esteem. Every time you judge or criticize yourself, you deplete this chakra and weaken your willpower.  Self love, self acceptance, and acknowledgement of your own worth are the building blocks of the third chakra. A woman with an open and balanced Manipura Chakra values herself and her work, is confident in her ability to do something well, loves and accepts herself, is willing to express herself in a powerful way, knows that she has the freedom to choose to be herself and direct her own life.” -Source

When this Chakra is in balance you will be in complete control over your emotions and thoughts. Your ego mind, or small mind will have no unwanted influence over your actions.You will know without a doubt, and accept your place in the Universe, have self-love and, in turn, have a great appreciation for all the people in your life and the uniqueness that they bring to world. When in tune, your Solar-plexus will radiate warmth and joy through-out your entire being, and to others who come into contact with you.

Over-active Solar-plexus Chakra

If your chakra is over-active you may be  judgemental or critical – and you will easily find fault in others. You may be demanding and have extreme emotional problems, being very rigid or stubborn (it’s either your way or no way). Often anger, or aggressiveness result from an over-active chakra. You may always be planning to do things, but never doing, and your work or interests become a priority over things you have to do (a workaholic). You may also be a perfectionist and can’t settle on something that is already good enough, it always has to be better.

Under-active Solar-plexus Chakra

If this chakra is under active it can cause severe emotional problems. You may have a lot of doubt and mistrust towards the people in your life, and worry too much about what other people might think about you. You may also run on “auto pilot” avoiding your feelings of depression or anxiety; you may feel afraid or alone when you start to look at what you have been avoiding. You also may feel that you are not good enough and be seeking a constant approval of others, this can lead to a need, or dependency on the people in your life.

Physical Symptoms of a Solar-plexus imbalance: Poor digestion, weight problems, ulcers, diabetes, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, arthritis, pacreas, liver or kidney problems, anorexia, bulimia, hepatitis, intestinal tumors, colon disease.


Its funny, because when I first got into chakra healing, I realized that I had an over-active solar plexus chakra, and I had to work on bringing it back in. Now, I have a slightly under-active solar plexus chakra, and I have to work on letting it spin again.

As always, I will include blog posts about the different ways I will go about stimulating this chakra. But today, I will be wearing a bright yellow top to help my mind start thinking YELLOW!


“I passionately live my purpose and move forward with unwavering courage.” 

Pursuit of Fashion

IMG_6099I am beyond excited that Spring is here! I really hate the cold… and as a Floridan, I feel like I never have anything to wear! So! I am quite happy to bring out my warmer weather clothing.

IMG_6104This skirt has been my go-to for a couple of weeks, and I have found myself pairing it with a million things.  (You can find it here.) –Who doesn’t love a little button down skirt? I went a little more boho than my usual self with this little white top. Something about Spring brings out that side of me.

IMG_6105PS- I love this little jade necklace. It stimulates my heart chakra, and it belonged to my grandmother, which makes it even more special.IMG_6112Oh, and these shoes? My new favorite. They go with EVERYTHING, black, brown, whatever.  AND they are comfy enough for me to be on my feet for 8 hours a day. (You can find them here.)

IMG_6119I haven’t done an outfit post in a while, but fashion is still such a huge part of what makes me, me. The way I dress truly reflects how I am feeling on the inside. I think it’s important to express yourself however you feel it works for you. It creates a confidence in everything I do. With fashion, I feel collected and in-control.

How does fashion make you feel?