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Work from Home

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Well, I have officially been working my new job for about a month. (Yay!) While I am still living in Tampa, I have been able to work from home because the closest office to me is 45 minutes away. This was a whole new experience for me, and something I had to adjust to. I am really starting to get a great groove going, and I feel good settling into my job.

In order to make sure that I was being productive every day, I made rules for myself to follow. These little things help me succeed at my job, and help me hold myself accountable.

The first thing I learned was that I need to leave the house to work at least twice a week.

I go stir crazy if I don’t leave the house. I realized this after the first week. I thought, “Hey! This is great! I can work in my pajamas!” Which, I did, and it was awesome. BUT it definitely gets old. You begin to feel like you’re cooped up, and that never feels good. Getting out of the house is always good for the mental health. Not only that, but I have found that I am actually more productive when I go and sit at a coffee shop. I suppose there are less distractions there? I’m not sure why, but I definitely try to get out a couple of times a week.

I have read that it is important to have a designated “work space.” I tried that, but I it tends to change every day. We have an office in our apartment, and I have a desk, but I don’t always use it to work.  So my morning rule is: Determine where I will be the most productive for the day. I have to set myself up with all of the tools I need to ensure that I am successful, and most importantly, I have to be comfortable. One day it might be the desk,  and another, my bed. Also, I think its important to re-evaluate my space after lunch. (Who wants to sit in the same spot all day?)

To-Do Lists, Schedules, Check Lists, Calendars, and Reminders. Set them, use them, cross things off, conquer tasks. I am a crazy list person, so making them makes me happy and keeps me organized.

One of my initial goals for working from home was to create a structure for my days. I have started to work out how I will accomplish my tasks throughout each day, but the truth is that every day is different. With my job, I can’t do the same thing every day. The demand changes, the projects shift, new ideas need to be worked on. I had to accept that my days might not ever be completely structured. However, something I have found beneficial is every morning, I sit down with a pen and paper and write down my priorities. From there, I can block out how much time I would like to dedicate to each task. Then I can (sort of) plan my day. Of course, life isn’t perfect, and those times don’t always work out, but it keeps me on track.

I have to find the right tunes to keep myself motivated. Create a playlist, and roll with it.  I think this would also apply even if I wasn’t working from home.

I also have to remember to eat, and to stay hydrated. This seemed so silly to me at first. But honestly, without anyone around reminding me that it was time for lunch, I would make it to around 3pm and I would be starving and have a headache from not drinking water all day. The mornings are the busiest time for me, and I have to get a whole lot accomplished before 12:30. To make sure that I am hydrating myself, I have to keep a water bottle close by. My goal is to drink that big water bottle by lunch time. (I set an alarm on my phone for lunch so I don’t forget!)


Overall I think I am doing pretty well with working from home, and I am having a lot of fun doing it. There are obvious perks for working from home, and I am definitely taking advantage of them before I move and have to work out of an office again.

Yeah girl, just be you.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 9.50.16 AMIsn’t it the best feeling when you find something you feel SO confident in? Like when you walk out the door, you instantly hear some girl power Beyoncè music playing in the background because you feel so good?

Until the moment your friend makes fun of you for wearing the very thing that made you so happy. And you’re like oh…


I am type of person who wears what I want, no matter who likes it or hates it. If I feel good, then I’m going to wear it.

But I can’t pretend that I don’t consider my friends’, my mother’s, my boyfriend’s opinion. There have been many times where I have been questioned for loving something. Take this choker for instance. I am obsessed. I want to wear it with everything. BUT my boyfriend, best friend, and mother all think it looks like a shoe lace tied around my neck.

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 9.49.59 AMI’ll give it to them, it does sort of look like a glorified shoe lace. BUT I LIKE IT.

It never feels good when your favorite people are not jamming with your new favorite thing. But you know something? It makes me happy. I feel confident, even if my friends and family don’t like it. I fully appreciate that my friends and family are so close with me that they can be completely honest. However, I still think that if you love something, you should probably just rock it anyways.

If it makes you feel good, do it. (Cue the Sheryl Crow, If it Makes You Happy.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 9.50.29 AMThese are some of my all-time favorite pieces in my wardrobe right now. I have had negative comments from various people about almost every piece of this outfit. Sometimes you just have to fight that, and say no, I am feeling this and I am going with it. Honestly, if I listened to all of those people, I would not be the person I am. (I certainly would’t dress the way that I do.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 9.50.58 AM

Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 9.51.14 AMAnd here I am again relating fashion to life. But, it totally mixes in this case.  If someone doesn’t like what you’re wearing, how you act, or the things you like, ITS OKAY. You are your own person, and the world would not be the same if you tried to be someone else. If they are your true friends, they will love you no matter if you are a theatre geek, if you sing obnoxiously in the shower, or if you wear a shoe lace for a necklace. 

Yeah girl just be YOU

Thanks for reading my lame, mushy, power to yourself post.

All for now,



Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Review

No worries folks, no spoilers here. 


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I was so excited to find our copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed child on our doorstep yesterday. I immediately cued the Harry Potter soundtrack and got cozy in bed to read.

If you don’t already know, I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan. Fun Fact: I have The Deathly Hallows tattooed on my right ankle. So you know it’s real. 

Anyways, I was extremely happy when I heard that the script for The Cursed Child was going to be a released. However, after reading, I have mixed emotions.

What I loved:

Firstly, I did actually really love the story itself. I liked the whole plot, and I liked what she did with some of the new and old characters. I liked that she incorporated the past into the new story.

I sort of felt like she addressed some things that were never really expressed in the books previously that just needed to be said.  I also feel like this story is a response to many people criticizing her choices that had to be made to make the story worth reading. (Life, death, character choices… you know.) 

I also LOVED Hermione’s career choice. Yay feminism! Yay! You can be anything you put your mind to!

I liked how  she discusses some of the emotions that Harry felt after the war, and throughout his childhood, and how it affected his adult life.

This book was a really quick read for me, and was definitely a page turner. But this also leads to what I didn’t quite like about the book.

What I didn’t like too much:

This book was a really quick read for me, and was definitely a page turner. However, I think it was a quick read because it was in script format. I am a fast paced reader, and I was quite excited to see what happened in the story. With those two things combined, I felt like the story was rushed, and that everything happened fairly quickly.

I blame the quickness on the fact that it was in script format. I don’t mind reading in script format. (I grew up doing theatre and reading scripts, so this is hardly a foreign territory.)  But honestly, there wasn’t much room for character development, setting descriptions… or any descriptions really. Many of those factors truly make J.K. Rowling’s writing what it is. In the other books, she keeps you engulfed in a whole new realm with details and nuances in her writing. This book simply does not have that, which was a huge disappointment.

Without the character development, it was hard not to see moments of cheesiness. These moments may not have been cheesy if I was able to put myself in that space and time. However, without details, without descriptions, I found myself feeling off while reading certain lines.  (I really didn’t want to feel this way, and was pretty much in denial until I finished the book and looked back on all the events that happen.)

This script actually just made me want to see the show in London. I feel like with actors in front of me, developing the characters, giving me the right reactions and feelings behind the lines, I think I would really enjoy it. When you think of the beautiful thing that could be made from this script, it really makes you appreciate it.

I went in expecting a full-fledged Harry Potter novel. This is not what it was, so there was some disappointment there. I want to read it again, and take my time to let my mind wander and develop for itself. I think during the first read, I was truly rushing through, just so I would know what happens in the end.

Advice to those who have yet to read it:

-Go into it slow, and pause to let your mind dream up the characters and settings.

-Get ready for some mushy gushy moments. Get ready for some cheese ball moments.

-If you don’t remember Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire OR Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Re-read them.

-Go into it with no expectation.

All for now, Didn’t want to write too much and spoil it for others!