So You’re Moving Back in With Your Parents


So, the time is here. Jason and I will be moving in with his parents on Friday. I am beyond excited to be back in my home town. However, it does feel a bit strange to go back to living with parents after living on my own for five years. The other day I came across an article on one of my favorite sites, and it made me feel a little bit better about the whole situation. ( )

The article starts out with, “In 2016, co-habitating with parents is the most common living arrangement amongst 18-34 year olds.” Wow, what a relief! I really had no idea that living with your parents was so common. I have had many people ask what our plans are when we get to Naples, and its always a little bit of a surprise. After living on your own, it almost seems like we are going backwards. BUT, Jason and I both agree that moving in with his parents is the smartest move for us right now. Truthfully, we are only moving forward.

There are multiple reasons that this move is going to be wonderful for both Jason and I. Really, I am so excited to be able to spend time with Jason’s family. In the Darling article, they talk about how great it is to get to know your parents as adults. This situation is a little different for me, because I’m not moving in with my own parents, but I am still very excited to grow closer to Jason’s family. (And maybe steal some of Jason’s mom’s Peruvian recipes!) Even though I won’t be living with my family, I will still be very close by. I will finally be able to regularly go to my sister’s games to watch her cheer, and I will be able to visit with my grandfather, and I will be able to see both my mom and dad on a regular basis. There are a lot of things that I have missed out on over the past five years because I haven’t been nearby. I am so stoked to finally be able to participate in those things without driving two and a half hours.

Another huge and obvious win about this move is saving money. For people our age, it is difficult to save! Between student loan bills, rent, car payments, other bills, and a starting salary, (if you’re lucky!) there is little left over to really start a savings with. However, this is also the time of our lives that contain pretty heafty financial burdens. We are expected to eventually buy our first homes, transition to paying all of our own bills, maybe get married? Tell me that doesn’t sound expensive?! This next stretch of time for Jason and I will be all about saving for the next portion of our life, and to TRAVEL! With the money we will be saving, we are going to try to see a little more of the world as well as save for the future.

Jason and I are so ready to bring on the next chapter of our lives. This is something that we will probably never be able to do again, and so we are going to try and savor every moment. The positive, the negative, and everything in-between.

Bring it on!

All for now,



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