Our Story


Our Story: 

Jason and I had known each other for years before our romance began. He and I had been friends of friends throughout high school and we grew up in the same town.

Jason says he’s been in love with me since I was 16 years old, and has been after my heart for a long time, but the timing was never right. When I was in college, I came back home for the summer because I was cast in Les Miserables at our community theater. Jason happened to be working at the coffee shop across the street from the theater. Every day, I would come in to get a coffee before rehearsals or before a show and I would see Jason and we would chat. I could tell that he was a nervous wreck every time I came in. (Little did I know, he told everyone in his shop that he “was going to marry that girl some day.”) Every day, we would talk, and he always promised he would come see my show soon.

The timing was finally right. Jason decided to surprise me at my show! The next thing I know, I am on stage, and I see this handsome man in the FRONT ROW with flowers in his hands. I was more than nervous, and so excited!

From that moment on, we were pretty much inseparable. The only times we weren’t together were during my show, sleeping, and work. We fell, and fast. We didn’t wait around to say I love you. We knew in those first few weeks that this was something meaningful. When you know, you know. “Time can over complicate, but darling I refuse to wait, there’s no way of planning for the fall.”

Soon after we started dating, I had to go back to Tampa for school. Jason came up with me to help move in my things into my new apartment. I wanted to show Jason my school while we were there. So we went through the most beautiful part, Plant Park. We picked a spot along the water, hung out, and watched the boats pass by.  Jason played “I Want to Know Your Plans” by Say Anything for me on the guitar, and then asked me to be his girlfriend. (I mean, how romantic, right?!)  And so it was official. 

Jason and I then dated long distance for a year. It was really really hard. But luckily, we only lived about three hours apart. It was drivable, but difficult. I knew Jason was the one, I really really did. I knew within the first couple weeks of dating, which is insane, but the truth. Jason came to me during a really dark part of my life. I always call him my light, because he really lit the way to allow me to become who I am today.

We couldn’t stand being apart anymore, so we made plans to move in with each other by the end of the year.

Jason made the move up to Tampa to take classes, and so I could finish up school. And so our lives began together. I don’t remember having any kind of terrible living together horror stories. We truly worked well together, our day to day was honestly really great. Of  course, things weren’t always happy, but we did life well together. The one thing we always say is that we are a team. We play on each other’s strengths, and we help each other out to make our lives the best as it possibly can be.

Now, I can’t imagine being without him by my side. Jason is the kindest, and most caring person I know. He always thinks of others before himself, and is so so sweet to me. He treats me with love and affection, and everything I could ever hope for.  I am so excited to see where this love takes us.