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Pursuit of Yummy Healthy Breakfast

IMG_3737If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I post a whole lot of smoothie pictures. Smoothies are one of my go-to things to eat for breakfast. They are wonderful because they jam pack tons of really good, nutrient rich things into a yummy drink. So, I am going to give you one of my favorite smoothie recipes. (Though, I do change it up depending on my mood and what I have in the fridge. This is my ideal smoothie for when I have a long day ahead.)


one cup of water or coconut water if you prefer

Water for an easier blend, and because its always good for you. 

one chopped medium sized beet

Beets because: oxygenate blood, alkaline, stimulates liver function, antioxidants, it also gives the smoothie a BEAUTIFUL color, and the taste is oh so yummy.

a tablespoon of coconut oil

Coconut Oil because: normalize blood sugar, reduce adrenal work, increases energy, digestion aid, and helps keep you full

two (packed) cups of spinach, or one packed cup of kale

Spinach because: youthful skin, healthy blood, calcium, iron

Kale because: protein, copper, iron, antioxidants, anti-aging compounds, anti-cancer, anti-inflammation, fiber

one half of an avocado

Avocados because: amino acids, healthy monounsaturated fats and blend

one cup of frozen strawberries

Strawberries because: antioxidants, vitamin C and taste

one tablespoon of chia seeds

Chia Seeds because: helps maintain weight, aids in toning, stabilizes blood sugar, protein, omega-3′s, antioxidants. builds strong bones

one tablespoon of lemon juice

Lemon juice because: blemish-free skin, digestion aid, alkaline, cleanses body

two fistfuls of walnuts

Walnuts because: they blend easily, cancer-fighting properties, antioxidants, amino acids, brain health, protein

and a teaspoon of bee pollen

Bee Pollen because: energy enhancer, protein, B vitamins, amino acids, skin soother, digestive aid, allergy treater, immune booster, and cardiovascular support

This drink will take some prep time (the beet alone will take a little time to chop), so consider that before you decide to whip this up for breakfast. Often times I make a couple of smoothies at night to last me a couple of days. Its especially helpful to have them remade when I’m having a rushed morning.

Sometimes I don’t just have this bad boy as a drink. Sometimes I make a smoothie bowl out of it. Simply add some oats to top it off, and maybe some fresh banana slices, and you have yourself a bowl.

I started to get into smoothies as meals by doing a smoothie detox. If you are interested, check out  The Green Forks detox. I also got a lot of my information about smoothies from them! Also, check out Oh She Glows, they always have great smoothie recipes!

Pursuit of Mama’s Recipe

IMG_2885Growing up, my mom’s red potatoes were always a favorite. This Christmas, my mom gave me a cookbook full of her recipes, and I have attempted to make some of them. Of course, the first I had to try to make was her red potatoes…. so delicious!

Since then, I have played with the recipe a little to tweak it exactly how I like it. I thought I would share this super simple, easy (and quick!) way to make potatoes.


-Preheat your oven to 425-

First, we start out with the potatoes (of course.)

I like to buy these little tiny mixed potatoes. (that way I don’t have to bother chopping them.) BUT if you want to, you can chop them up and then put them in a big mixing bowl.

There is debate on whether you actually need to poke holes in your potatoes so they don’t blow up in your oven and make a huge mess. I have made these potatoes with and without holes and neither one has made a difference here. If you don’t want to take a risk though, poke away.

IMG_2878I then drop a teaspoon of olive oil into the bowl, as well as a tablespoon of parsley. (These ingredients will vary to taste, and to portion sizes.)

Then (straying away from Mama’s Recipe) I like to add in a scoop of minced garlic. I’ll admit, I love garlic, and pretty much add it to everything I cook. So I thought, why not the potatoes? It gives them a great flavor!

I don’t add any salt to mine because we try to cut salt out as much as possible in our house, but if you love it, add it.


Then (I usually take my hands) mix all of the ingredients together to make sure that the potatoes are covered in the oil pretty well and the parsley is evenly distributed.

IMG_2883 IMG_2886Boom. Done. Easy. Throw them on a pan lined with tin foil, (this makes clean up time much faster) and put them in the oven for about 25 minutes.

Usually I make enough to share for dinner, and some to leave for the morning to add to a breakfast scramble (Yum!)

For dinner, these little babies can be added to a whole lot. Recently, I have loved pairing the potatoes with a little quinoa, roasted cherry tomatoes, cooked spinach and broccoli, and garbanzo beans. Its a great (and healthy) little power bowl good for lunch or dinner.

Easy peazy recipe! Hope you Enjoy!

Oh, and thanks Mom!

Pursuit of Easy Healthy Eating

This is the greatest and easiest thing to make ever.

Jason and I are all about healthy eating, but also about good eating. We often find ourselves craving Mexican style food, which can be EXTREMELY unhealthy.. (sour cream, chips, salty salsa, cheese, ect.)

We have found a healthy alternative to satisfy our cravings. It is our easy go-to recipe, and I’ve decided to share it.

IMG_2841These are all of the things you will need. (Amounts can vary depending on your taste.)

Ingredients: Fresh Salsa, Bell Peppers, Lettuce, Shredded Cheese, Garlic, Tomatoes, Lime, Avocados, Onions, Tortilla Chips, Black Beans, Brown Rice, Tofu (If you’d like), Spices. 

For the tortilla chips, try to find chips with low sodium! Salt is no bueno. These chips are from Trader Joe’s, and they have flax seed and veggies hidden inside.

IMG_2851We cooked the tofu in these spices for some flavor, but if tofu is not your thing, mix these spices in with the black beans and rice.

Spices: Ground Black Pepper, Cumin, Paprika, Red Pepper (Cayenne), Chilli Pepper, Oregano, and a pinch of Himalayan Salt.

If you don’t want to be as crafty with the spices, Trader Joes’ has a great taco seasoning with similar ingredients.

IMG_2859First we drained the tofu, and rubbed it with the spices. We plopped it in a non-stick pan and cooked it along with the bell peppers.

IMG_2860Then we diced it up and tossed the tofu in a bowl.


We then chopped up the lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and avocados, and put them in the bowl too. We topped it off with the shredded cheese (Hey, everything in moderation), rice, and black beans.

IMG_2868We stirred it up, and crushed some tortilla chips into the bowl for a little crunch. To top it off, we added some fresh salsa, and squeezed some lime juice. It’s the perfectly balanced dinner.

IMG_2865I was even able to take leftovers and pack myself some lunches. The trick to mason jar lunches is to pack all of the wet stuff on the bottom so that the lettuce doesn’t get soggy. I made the dish a little lighter for lunch. Salsa and black beans at the bottom, avocados next, cheese, and then lettuce. Easy.

I hope you enjoy this stuff as much as we do!

Pursuit of Trying New Things

I have been hearing so many great things about this new fad of “spiraling” vegetables. There is no denying that I am an carb lover. This is a great way to cut out a few of my carbs and exchange them for veggies instead. Jason and I decided to start “spiraling” by making the ever popular zucchini noodles.



Pursuit of Celebration


It’s here! It’s time to celebrate the New Year! As I prepare for our little celebration, I thought I would share a few snaps of our soon-to-be festivities! At the bottom of the post, I also shared a playlist of some of our tunes that we’ll be playing tonight via Spotify. Happy New Year all!

IMG_8278 IMG_8266 IMG_8276 IMG_8304 IMG_8274 IMG_8275 IMG_8290 IMG_8301 IMG_8302 IMG_8303

Pursuit of Holiday Entertaining

Getting my own place with Jason has been one of the best decisions. One of the many perks is that we can now entertain in our own space. We soon realized that setting up for a holiday party can be more stressful than it appears. To make our little apartment special, festive, and party ready, quite a few little projects needed to happen.

IMG_1551I started with the dining room table. Setting the table for any season can be a really easy way to spice up your home, without going overboard.

IMG_1547I used some decorative plates as my starting point for the spread. Jason and I recently purchased these gorgeous plates from Anthropologie with beautiful artwork by Starla Michelle Halfmann. We thought it would be a waste to keep them stored up in a cabinet, so we decided to keep them out for decor.

IMG_1554 IMG_1552

The plates were a great starting point, but now for a centerpiece, and a little more decor…


IMG_1549I am a sucker for fresh flowers and candles…and so you have our centerpiece! I found this gorgeous bouquet of holiday flowers in Trader Joe’s and I knew it was going to be the perfect addition to the table.  I split the flowers into three parts. I used a vintage white vase for the taller flowers, and little DIY vases for the shorter cut flowers.

IMG_1555For the shorter vases, I actually cleaned out the glass jars of my favorite candles after they had  burned out, and they made for some beautiful amber colored vases/jars. To give the table some glow, I placed a holiday scented Capri Blue candle in a gold mercury glass jar in the middle, and fun little ornament tea lights within the decorations.

IMG_1550I scattered pine cones, and leftover gold and red ornaments along a red table runner to fill in the space with special details, and the table was complete.


The next project for holiday entertaining was stocking up our bar cart.


One of my favorite pieces in our apartment is our bar cart that was handed down to me from my grandmother. It was so lovely to finally be able to use it! We loaded up the cart with favorites, and Jason became the mixologist for the night. We had a lot of fun finding fun holiday recipes, and trying new things.

IMG_1566 IMG_1568 IMG_1569 (Yes, that is a penguin shaker.)IMG_1560 IMG_1562Jason and I both really love Christmas, and so our apartment was decorated for the season long before our plans of entertaining. So, the only thing left to do was turn on some tunes, and let the celebrating commence!

IMG_1571 IMG_1578 IMG_1582

(Poinsettia up high so the kitties don’t get into them. They are poisonous to cats)IMG_1577 (Presents that are half opened because Jason and I can’t wait)IMG_1576 IMG_1575 IMG_1573(Kitties need stockings too)

Pursuit of Getting in the Spirit

It is officially that time of year. Its time to break out the pumpkins, the spider webs, and ghoulish decor.  Jason and I both love getting festive with our decorating, and so we couldn’t wait to put together some fun little pieces to dress up our apartment.

Because I am definitely on a budget, I got a little crafty with this project. Jason and I headed over to the dollar store to pick up supplies. We found orange styrofoam pumpkins, skeleton garland, orange ribbon, a wreath hanger, some syrofoam mini pumpkins, foe flowers, a basket, a candle, and a table runner… all for nine dollars.  Then we went over to Michael’s and found some wooden letters that spelled out B-O-O! I also picked up some gold spray paint (you’ll see why soon!)


Jason surprised me with a lovely pant for the table, and some little (real) pumpkins! We also scavenged through things we already had around the place. All of this, made the apartment perfect for the season.


For me, the biggest part of changing up the décor for fall was the dining room table. What an easy way to make a big statement. I tweaked what we bought to make the table really special.

IMG_1339 IMG_1331

The styrofoam pumpkins originally were bright orange, and slightly tacky. So! I took a little gold spray paint and turned them into something much more elegant.



I had also hunted around our complex to find pine cones to put in our basket. I ended up painting a few of them gold to give it that extra beautiful touch. (And because I am a gold fanatic). I then surrounded those pine cones with the red foe flowers I had found at the dollar store.

IMG_1337 IMG_1336

IMG_1335Finally, I lit the candles, and made a small crystal grid to complete the table. I tried to appoint crystals that would be used for grounding and connecting to the earth during this wonderful change in weather. (More on how to make your own crystal grids to come)

IMG_1343The next little project was for the wall directly behind the dining room table. It was so bare, I couldn’t stand it. I did a super simple arts and crafts project to liven it up a little, and to set the mood for the season. I simply cut out construction paper in the shape of flags, wrote on it, strung it with string, and hung it up.  It spells out, give thanks, which I think is such a beautiful intention of the season. It really is a great reminder for our daily lives.

The next mission was the door. I thought about making a big lovely wreath filled with fall leaves, ect. BUT! because Jason and I love Halloween so much, we wanted to go more in that direction.

So naturally, I took to Pintrest! I thought this idea was absolutely adorable. It didn’t cost much, and it was super simple to make. I simply tied the letters together with ribbon and hung it on the wreath holder.

We then put the finishing touch of a skeleton garland across the door to add more of a spooky touch! I can’t wait until I can actually carve jack-o-lanterns to keep in front too!

Putting these little touches on our apartment has allowed it to feel more like home for us, and I am so grateful for that.