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Living for the Weekend

Photo in honor of Taco Tuesday <3

Many of you know that I recently took on a second job to save up some money for Jason and I’s wedding. So, I work full-time at my regular job, and then I was working on the weekends too. Meaning, NO DAYS OFF. I enjoyed both of my jobs, so that wasn’t the tough part. The tough part was never having a day to myself.

Before having two jobs, I was really living for the weekends. Not to say that I don’t have fun at my job, because I very much do. However, after I would get home from work, it was like lost time. I didn’t really do much with my nights except for relax. It is always good to take a few nights to relax, or else you get overwhelmed. But what is the harm in having some fun on a week night? When I didn’t have my weekends, I had to fit in my social time elsewhere. I had to figure out how to NOT live for the weekends, and just LIVE.

Recently, Jason and I have been making a real effort to do some fun things during the week to keep us going. We want to live every day, not just on the weekend. Every day should be fun and enjoyable, work or not.  Why are we only living two days a week?

So tonight, Jason suggested we make Tacos for Taco Tuesday. We thought, why not make an event out of it? We had a family dinner with his parents and even invited a few of our friends over for tacos and margaritas. Can’t beat that for a Tuesday! Why wait for a Friday to celebrate?

IMG_7528Beat the mundane weekly schedule, and go do something fun– during the week!

You might be thinking… wait I have to have my nightly routine, I can’t go out and spend the whole night with friends. Okay, I hear you. I like to have my night-time routine, my outfit picked out, my tea at night, my face washed. I like to feel prepared for the next day ahead.  That’s fine! You don’t have to be elaborate and celebrate all night to have fun. Have a glass of wine with your girlfriend, make a special dinner with your significant other, take a yoga class with friends. After that you can focus on the day ahead, you certainly don’t need all night to do it.

Live every day! Cherish the moments with the ones you love.

Just  a little motivation to keep your wheels spinning, even during the week.

All for now,



How Successful Women Keep Their Work-Life Balance:


Finding the perfect balance between being on-spot with work but also enjoying your personal time is tough. How do you avoid the burn out?

Because I am young, I feel that I am career driven, more than any other area of my life. I have so much to learn and so far to go. I am constantly taking classes to improve myself, and I put my all into work. On the other hand I recently got engaged, and enjoy spending time with not only Jason, but my family and friends too. So how do you find balance?

For me, finding this balance wasn’t the easiest. A year ago I decided had to change my focus and my entire career in order to achieve any balance at all. Now that I have some balance, I have to keep working at it or it will slip away. My work-life balance will obviously change over time, according to what is happening in my life. I will have to adjust my sails when I get married, have kids, advance in my career.. this will all change the way I structure my life.

It is a tricky balance, and it will be ever-changing, so I wanted to get some input from some of the most successful ladies that surround my life. How do you do it?

1. Trust and Rely Others: 

My good friend Sharon, who has worked her way up to be extremely successful in the hospitality world, said that in order to have a home life, she had to put trust in her team. Sharon said, “Being able to “disconnect” when I leave the office, for me, means mitigating those concerns that keep successful people up at night. I put the majority of my energy into putting kind, strategic, energetic people around me. While I have many goals and “stakeholders”, my associates come first. I ensure their work environment is fun and inspiring so they can focus on the operation. I always like to say that no one cares about what you know until they know how much you care. My team is my family; they inspire and uplift me and I do my very best to do the same. I recognize their accomplishments and offer resources when they are struggling. This enables me to walk away each day and know that they will put forth the same effort I do. You cannot do it alone and no great leader should try. I measure my success based on the success, happiness, and growth of my team.” 

When asking my best friend’s mother, Sue, how she stays successful at work and also balances her home life, she said, “It is about making mistakes and learning from them…”I had to learn to balance family and career.  Not an easy task I was lucky in many ways as I had a partner who was willing and able to pick up any pieces I couldn’t. Parenting was a balancing act that took a lot of organization but I made sure there was no disappointments in my beautiful daughter’s world

I loved this bit of advice, and I think it ties in well with how Sharon responded.  You have to put your trust in others. You can’t do everything yourself. You have to trust your team, whether it be at work or at home. They can handle it when you aren’t able to be there. They can cover any stones left unturned, and can help you create the type of life you want to live (if you let them!)

2. Draw the Line:

Knowing when to say no is difficult, especially when you are just beginning your career. I struggled with this in my first job, always taking on crazy tasks that led me to work well into overtime. My friend Nicole, who now works at one of the best PR/Ad/Marketing/Design agencies in the St. Pete and Tampa Bay area, had the right idea when she said to know when to draw the line. She said, “My first job out of college threw boundaries out the window. I would get texts from my boss at 11:00 pm or even 6:00 am demanding to know what the status of project XYZ was. After only two months I was sick with anxiety and depression. I walked away two months later (having only been there a total of four months) knowing that wasn’t the life I wanted for myself. I very strongly believe that once it starts affecting your health, you have to leave. End of story. 

Now, Im lucky enough to have a job with an incredible team that has only ever supported me and helped me to grow in my position. I would never have ended up at Hype Group if I hadn’t stood up for myself and left my first job. Drawing that line in the sand can be terrifying, but a wise person once told me that sometimes you have to go through the fire to be truly prepared for what lies ahead. I can handle (almost) anything my job throws at me now. So speak up, ladies. Don’t shy away from hard work, but draw that line when you know it’s being pushed too far.”

3. Plan for all aspects of your life.

When I had my retail job, I felt like all I would do is work and sleep and eat and repeat. I had a crazy retail schedule and I felt like I could never see my friends. Then, my friend Meredith suggested that I actually schedule out times to see friends. With my work schedule, I would usually have time in the mornings, and so why waste that time?  I began scheduling time to grab coffee with friends instead of sleeping the morning away.  What a difference!  Meredith, who is an Admissions Counselor for a private college in Florida, said, “A big part of finding balance is scheduling fun time, in the same way I block out time for a meeting or work event. If I have friend dates and family time to look forward to, I have added incentive to get through my errands and chores (and my work day)!” 

4. Know yourself and your limits.

When asking my best friend’s mother, Sue, how she stays successful at work and also balances her home life, she said, “Knowing my limitations and how to work with them.” I loved this advice because usually you hear people say, “The sky is the limit!” But realistically, everyone has their limits, its is how you handle them that makes the difference.

5. Know that it’s okay to make mistakes. 

Sue also said her success was defined by “Making mistakes and learning from them.” Sue said, “In my early twenties I was successful because I had to be.  I was independent, living by myself, working two jobs and trying to make my way in this world.  I went through a few relationships that were not good choices for me until I found the right guy.  Success in those days was making mistakes, picking myself up and keep moving forward until I got it right.  It was probably the hardest time in my life.  Living from paycheck to paycheck relying on only myself and my abilities.  However it gave me a great foundation for the years to come.”

6. Work hard for the things that matter.

 I think it is really important to identify what the most important parts of your life are. Then, you can really structure your work, and free time around that. Sue said, “Marriage, a child and a career is the biggest balancing act women are faced with.  Each one is a full time job within itself.  I put so much time and energy into parenting and my career I did not have much energy left for my marriage.  There are times you don’t realize that you are unsuccessful in something until it is too late.  This was almost the case here.  I found myself faced with an area that was going to require time and energy.  Time and energy I didn’t have.  But I dug deep and found it.  It was hard work.  I went from  a balancing act to a juggling act.  How did I do it?  I’m not sure, but I did.  My marriage survived and now 30+ years later I would have to call it a success.”

It is so important to give time to the things that matter in your life. Working hard at your career seems obvious, but don’t forget to work hard on your relationships too. In the end your relationships with others are so much more important.

7. Leave work at work and home at home

When asking my own mother about how she keeps a successful work-life balance, she simply said, “Leave work at work and home at home.” Which I thought was interesting, because that getting increasingly harder with modern technology. When I wake up in the morning, I check my emails, and I check my social media campaigns to make sure nothing went haywire while I was asleep. Its a habit, and I would like to think of it as a good one.

I really thought on it, and I think that the term “Leave work at work and home at home,” doesn’t have to be so literal. I am perfectly fine with making sure everything in my work world is running smoothly when I am “off the clock,” but I have to draw the line somewhere.  When I am out with friends, or spending time with Jason, or my family, I shouldn’t be checking my work emails, or checking up on the latest advertising campaign. We have to switch off sometimes, we have to absorb our “out of work” world to the fullest potential. You should put just as much effort into enjoying your relationships and home life, as you do enjoying your work.

I think that is how you find balance?

I don’t know, I am still working on it 😉

All for now,



A Powerful Moment in History


Saturday was an encouraging day for women in America. 2.9 million women were said to have marched across the world yesterday (according to, which is incredibly impressive. It is said to be the largest one day protest in U.S. history. That’s the power of the internet at work, folks.

 of Politicusus said, “An estimated 60,000 people marched in Atlanta. 250,000 are marching in Chicago. There are estimates of 250,000 people in Boston, and 200,000 more in Denver. In New York, the estimate ranges from 200,000-500,000. City officials estimate that 500,000 people participated in the main march in Washington, DC. In Los Angeles, the estimate is anywhere from 200,000-750,000. There were also protests of 60,000 in Oakland, CA, 50,000 in Philadelphia, 100,000 in Madison, WI, 20,000 in Pittsburgh, 20,000 in Nashville, TN, and 60,000 in St. Paul, MN.”

 In little old Collier County, a small version of that march happened, and I have never been so proud of my home town. This March was truly inspiring, and gave me a breath of fresh air. It felt so good to know that I, as a woman, am supported by my own community.



(Photo above courtesy of Victoria Surr: Collier County)

For those of you who don’t know, the Women’s March was for those who support equal rights for every woman and every human being who wanted to march for social justice. This was not an explicit Anti-Trump march. Rather, it was a march to tell the world that we will not let discriminatory policies be passed, and we will not give up our rights as women and as human beings.

Let me make this clear: I marched because I stand for equality. I stand for equality for every race, color, religion, sex, gender, and sexual orientation.  I marched because I  want every woman to have equal opportunities to men, because that is not the reality for many women across the country and the world. I marched because I believe it is a woman’s choice to do what she feels is right for her body. I am fortunate enough to have the choice, and my insurance covers my healthcare. Unfortunately that is not the case across the country. I march for the people and women who do not have the means to get annual check-ups and examinations because healthcare is too expensive… and they have to choose between food for their children or a visit to the doctors… and to those of you who are worried about women and children in other countries who do not even have as many rights as us here in the U.S…. we marched for them too. On the Monday after the march, Donald Trump signed an executive order to take away funding for international programs giving parenthood planning, HIV testing, and health screenings if those programs also help women with abortions… even if our U.S. dollars are not being spent on abortions. This is exactly the kind of thing we are marching against.  Yes, we are concerned with women around the WORLD, not just here in the U.S. This march extended far beyond the borders of our country. 

 I did not march because I am not personally heard, but because others are not heard.  I did not march because I feel like a second-class citizen, I marched for those who feel they are.  I marched for every woman who has been sexually assaulted and raped, and had to stay quiet. My marriage to Jason will never be questioned by the Supreme Court, but my very good friends still do not have that same security, and so I march. 

I am fortunate enough to have grown up in an environment where I was told that I can be anything I want to be some day. I have a great job, and I am covered by health insurance. I am supported by both of my parents, and I was never told that there was a limit in what I wanted to get out of life. I am so lucky, and for no reason…. because the color of my skin, the town I grew up in, the education I could afford, the success of my parents. I did not march for me. I marched for all the men and women across the world that do not share the same luck. 

If you don’t agree with me, if this upsets you, its okay. Protests are not meant to make everyone feel comfortable.

The Collier County site said, “We want to send a clear message to our community, that we are standing together in support of equal rights for all women, minorities, and immigrants. Women’s rights are human rights and as people we all deserve to be treated equally. We will not tolerate hatred, racism and sexism and we will fight for respect, dignity and justice for all. Our community is a welcoming community to all people and we want to keep it that way. Together as a unified community we can do it. It’s time that we get out and make our voices heard, it’s time that we join forces, it’s time to stand up for what we believe in. One fight – One voice – One people.”

Equality. That’s what I came for. Equality for all.


(Photo above courtesy of Jeanie Camosy: Collier County)


Unfortunately I came a little late to actually march in the streets because I wasn’t feeling too well, but I stayed around Cambier Park to see all of the different organizations that attended, and to hear all of the speakers. I went alone to this event because everyone that I knew that would be interested was working. 🙁 BUT I never felt alone while I was there. I saw some old friends and I even made some new ones!




(Photo above courtesy of Victoria Surr: Collier County)

Men and women, young and old  attended this march. Muslims, Christians, Jews, black and white all came up to speak and represent our community.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 10.34.47 AM

Groups like Planned Parenthood, National Organization for Women, Coalition for Quality Public Education, and SWFL Showing Up for Racial Justice, and more were all there gathering new members and speaking about how they reach out.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 10.50.28 AM


They also had the Women’s March in DC live streaming, which was awesome to get to see.


It was great to see our locals coming together in unity to stand for something we all believe in. I truly didn’t expect anything like this to happen in my community, which is made up of mostly conservatives. So this was a pleasant to surprise to see.

IMG_6028 IMG_6024 IMG_6026 IMG_6029 IMG_6027

(Last five photos above courtesy of Victoria Surr: Collier County)

My favorite part of the day was when my Dad called me. Now, my Dad is a pretty conservative man, who unfortunately voted for Donald Trump. He and I always have interesting political debates. But my Dad called me towards the end of the event to let me know that he was proud that I was standing up for what I believe in, and that he fully supported me and women’s rights. (Yay Dad!) In the same moment, a man was getting up to speak at the event. His message was to remind MEN that this is their battle too. We are only strong when we stand together. Gender equality is not only a battle for women, but for men as well. Men, stand strong with your ladies! It was a really happy moment for me.  

It was great to see our locals coming together in unity to stand for something we all believe in. I truly didn’t expect anything like this to happen in my community, which is made up of mostly conservatives. So this was a pleasant to surprise to see.

When I got home, I was really happy to see all of the photos on my feed about the marches in other cities! I have friends scattered across the U.S. and it was super cool to see what the march looked like across the country. In fact, it was truly amazing to see all of the different stories from all around the world after the march.

My girl Carly in St. Petersburg, FL with her friends: 


“It was a privilege to stand with other men and women who are committed to fighting for justice in our country. As exhausting and scary as the election season was, it was so energizing to see 20,000 people march in solidarity for equality and truth, right in my own city! I felt so lucky to be surrounded by friends, and to have my hand held by a man who loves and supports me and this movement. Women are powerful, and this march showed a glimpse of what we can do – when we stand together.”

Victoria Surr and her father at the March in Naples, Florida:


Cathy Doherty alllllll the way from Ireland to little old Naples, Florida:

16114008_10154544870479355_537626789834998966_n 16265420_10154544870519355_5899136220458353317_n “As tourists from Ireland, it was a privilege to support. We had marches in Ireland. Take nothing for granted!”

My good friend Laycee and her fiancé Ruby, who were unable to march, because they were on a plane home from California:

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 9.14.00 AM Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 9.13.51 AM

“We are unable to march today, so we rock our pride shirts while we travel back home. We can’t help but feel so overwhelmed by all the people coming together today and we truly wish we were marching in the streets with everyone”

Adnerb Ettecuod from Naples, Florida: 


“I am so hopeful. I feel so much better knowing all of these smart, creative and passionate people are out here with me. “

My friend Jacqueline from Asheville, North Carolina:

16237197_10208516368447348_1598065882_n“I marched last Saturday in Asheville, 28 weeks pregnant, thinking about my unborn baby and the world he or she will grow up in. Especially if she’s a girl. I want her to feel valued and respected by those around her, safe when she walks down the street, and in control over her own body. I also thought about the expense of maternity care. I have good insurance and it’s still expensive. Look up online what it costs to deliver a baby, it’s crazy! I want under privileged women to have access to birth control, maternity care, and financial assistance when caring for an unplanned child and I’m 100% ok with my tax dollars supporting that through Medicaid. Just a few of the reasons I decided to march. I also want to be able to tell my child that I participated in the Women’s March and that he or she was with me.”

Chloe Fishell-Creviston from Naples, Florida:

“After Friday left me feeling so shitty and defeated, yesterday let me know that there is still hope and change can be made. I live in an extremely conservative city and couldn’t believe the number of women AND men who turned out for this march. This is just the beginning!”

My great friend Alexander in St. Petersburg, Florida: 

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 10.39.09 AM“It’s a beautiful day to smash the patriarchy!”

For those of you who came, marched, and conquered, I encourage you to look at this:

It isn’t over yet. Yes, we’re successful in raising awareness, but the real battle is in the policy and how we can make a difference.  Check out 10 Actions for the first 100 days Campaign to see where to start. 

5 Ways to Have a Better Night

Night time is my sacred time. It is my time to relax, re-energize, and wind down.

If I can recommend one thing, it is to make time for yourself to settle in and have a restful night. Don’t run yourself down to the last moment until you fall asleep. Use this time to re-build yourself. It does wonders for me.

5 Ways to Have a Better Night

1.  Prepare for tomorrow.

If you don’t prepare for the next day, it will be chaos. I also find that my mind will continue to spin unless I have settled everything that needs to be done in the morning.  Pick out your outfit (and try it on if you have to). Get your lunch ready. Prep your cold oats if you want. Pack up your bags. Be kind to yourself. I am not a morning person, so I know that if I have a ton of things to do, I will be STRESSED. I make it a point to avoid that at all costs. So, as Scar would say, Be Prepared! Once you are done, let tomorrow go. Think about the here and now. You won’t sleep if you are stressing about the next day’s events.

2. Count your blessings and review your goals.  

It is so easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day life and really forget what your big picture is. I try to make it a point to mentally go over my big picture goals are, and what I am truly grateful for. This helps me stay a little bit sane, and helps me keep on track with where I want to be. This also helps calm my mind at night, when I do the most overthinking.

3. Pamper yourself. (Treat yo self)


Do this however you like. like luxurious bubble baths, they’re my guilty pleasure. I love laying in steaming hot water while I read or mediate. Brush your teeth,  paint your nails, rub on some coconut oil, love your body. ALSO, wash your face! Give yourself the royal treatment. You don’t want to skip this process for beauty and emotional reasons. Let your skin breathe overnight by making sure that all of your makeup is off, it will make you feel fresh and clean. (Also, duh, if you leave your makeup on you get wrinkles and pimples, and no one wants those.)


PS- If you haven’t learned the magic that is Mario Badescu, you’re welcome. I haven’t tried a product that I didn’t like from them. Plus they are cruelty free!

4.  Relax.

Burn some candles, start up your diffuser, make some hot tea. Give yourself time to unwind. It is much easier to fall asleep when you put yourself in that mindset. You are getting ready to rest for 7 or 8 hours (hopefully), let your body get prepared to do just that. Get all snuggled up, read a little bit of your favorite book, watch your favorite show. Relax.  I find that I often miss this step because I run out of time, but it truly makes a world of difference.

5. Meditate

Once you have set your alarm (and checked it three times if you’re a freak like me), and have settled everything for tomorrow, put it all down. Be with yourself for ten minutes. Let your body and your mind connect, and just check in with yourself. Sometimes this is the best way to get myself to fall asleep!

New Year’s Resolutions

So I am going to take a moment and rant. This isn’t something that I typically do on here. But I’ve got a couple of things I need to let out.

Let’s talk about New Years Resolutions really quick. I feel like I have been hearing a lot of negative things about people who set New Years Resolutions for themselves. “Everyone just writes a bunch of things down and never does them.” “I’m not making resolutions this year, no one like a skinny sober girl anyway.”  BLAH BLAH BLAH.


Why are we hating on people who genuinely want change in their life? Why are we discouraging someone from changing their unhealthy way of life? Sounds pretty terrible.

Creating goals isn’t just something to do for the New Year, but every single day. However, isn’t it only natural to look at the year that has passed and want to create a new year with even better things? It is a reason to start fresh and to begin again, so why wouldn’t you take the opportunity?

If you’re not into resolutions, don’t make them. However, don’t bring someone else down who wants to make an effort in their life. Setting a goal for your personal life can make you feel really vulnerable. Your goals should reflect some of your deepest desires. If someone is letting the world know what their desires are, it is probably a pretty big step. Don’t squash them.

If you want to loose weight and be healthy, do it.

If you want to drink less alcohol, do it.

If you want to find your own happiness, do it.

If you want to  travel the world, do it.

Well with that being said, here are a list of things that I plan on doing in the new year to better myself: (These will go along with the New Years Resolutions I made to help heal my chakras.)

Meditate more. Once a day, and bath time meditations three times a week.

Exercise five times a week. Yoga, and cardio.

Eat  healthy.  I will fuel my body with nutritious foods, not the crap I have been eating. Less crazy carb eating, less dairy products. More water, more veggies, more protein.

Count my blessings. Every night before I fall asleep, I will to think about all of the things I am grateful fo.

Excel at my position at work. Push my position to new heights.

Never stop learning. I will take classes to further my career in the new year. There are a ton of great classes on LinkedIn and through Hootsuite that I can take that I think will truly help me learn even more.

Work. Save. Work.  I plan on picking up a side job at the beginning of the new year so I can save some money up.  (for  a wedding…. a house…)

But also, travel. I already have plans to travel to three states in the new year with some of the best people in the world.

Make Monthly goals.  I stole this one from a very good friend. She has been making monthly goals for years, and it really helps to check in with yourself on your big picture goals. It is easy to say, “these are all of the things I want to do next year!” Then by the time December rolls around you realize you never put anything in place to make it happen.

Every 1st of the month I will make a list of goals that are in line with my yearly goal. This way I know I will be able to accomplish them.

Judge me, hate on it. I don’t care. I want changes in the new year, and I am going to make them happen. I think the most important thing I need to remember is that I am the only person that can truly make changes in my life. I am in charge of how I feel and what I do about it. I have the power to make my life whatever I want it to be. It only takes a little bit of dedication.

Cheers to the new year!




New Year’s Resolutions for Each Chakra

Okay, so life has been amazing lately. However, that doesn’t change the fact that my chakras are all out of whack. I am happy, but I know that I can be a better version of myself, and I will always strive for that.


So for the new year, I am making resolutions that will directly impact each one of my chakras.

Root: Take walk through nature three times a week. Whether that is through the neighborhood, or through a trail. This will not only help me root myself in nature, but will also improve my physical health.  I also plan on eating healthier to help my physical body. 

Sacral Plexus:  The sacral plexus chakra’s element is water. So, to stimulate that, I hope to take a meditative bath or take a swim twice a week.  The meditation will be focusing on letting go of guilt, and letting my emotions flow through the water and through my body. 

Solar Plexus: This chakra has so much to so with self- worth, loving yourself., will power, and self-esteem. So, my plan is to actually work on my physical body, and work out three times a week. This should go hand in hand with taking my walks through nature.

Heart: Say I love you more.  Say it, mean it, absorb it. Not only to Jason, but to my family and friends. Life can be so short, and we need to truly take in every moment as a a gift. 

Throat: This chakra is all about expressing yourself and communication. My resolution is to create something every month. I am creative in many different ways, so I need to put that to use. Another resolution is going to be to participate in our community choir every week, therefore letting myself be expressed through music. 

Third Eye and Crown: MEDITATE!  This can be so easily lost in my every day. It’s so easy to get caught up being busy. I can afford ten minutes a day. Uninterrupted. Third Eye chakra is all about seeing the bigger picture, clairvoyance, and seeing clearly. Meditation can help clear your mind so you can see. The crown chakra is about connecting to the divine. During meditation, you an invite the divine into your life, so this is the perfect way to stimulate it.

I have a few more resolutions I want to accomplish too, this is just the beginning. I might elaborate on this post a little bit later to really give a full run down of my goals for 2017.

It’s going to be a great year.

All for now,



Feelings of Gratitude

As I look back on the year that I have had so far, I am so thankful for the beautiful memories I have made with some of the best people around. This year I had some huge movement in my life, and I can’t wait to see what’s next. I want to take a moment and reflect on all the things I am truly grateful for today and every day.. the memories, the opportunities, and the beautiful people surrounding me.

14522952_586673718170922_5980385450028598822_n 14650591_594648397373454_347883972822157849_n 12717717_493981147440180_7459761144180167920_n 12734283_10206713631334440_7094212378863639071_n 13179326_525438797627748_3275003853792932767_n 10271632_10104227620112233_1030280536724825964_n 13100770_1043588289041871_5463782633060249016_n

14333092_578845868953707_2080958411797715119_n 14344729_581892581982369_6712738257685219926_n 14292366_581893425315618_3028471144591745802_n 14523155_591084424396518_5136295790082100218_n 14656339_1309238462420678_4091480473631554452_n-113879395_10210236109078858_4485664153993701734_n 13516356_10209867843678606_5048967364549021651_n 13413054_10209741623683185_2559483443510208662_n13592813_548999335271694_1529324544306061708_n


13244898_531785966993031_5191605593250712269_n(Yes, I am thankful for the existence of ramen.)

Just wanted to say thank you to those individuals who have made my life so special.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone <3




5 Tips for the Woman Who is Always on the Road

img_3718If your life is anything like mine, you are always on the move. I travel a lot for work, but mostly to territories throughout Florida. In other words, I pretty much live in my car.

By now, I have gotten pretty good at being out and about, but also prepared. You’ll find some of my tips below. I would love to hear any tips any of you might have for me too

1.Get Yourself a Mary Poppins Bag. 

Keep everything in this bag, and bring it everywhere. It should be big enough to hold your laptop, papers, and folders, but also have room for things like your emergency kit, sunglasses, a water bottle, ect.

2. Get Organized.

I have found that by keeping things in separated tiny bags, I am a little more organized. I keep everything in smaller bags inside of my Mary Poppins bag. This way, if  I need to bring a smaller bag with me, I can easily grab the things I do and don’t want inside. It can get so frustrating when you feel like your things are scattered across your car. If you feel yourself loosing track of things, pause and re-group. It will save you time in the long-run Also, if you’re a jewelry girl, I highly recommend grabbing yourself a great jewelry separator for all of your small easily lost or tangled items.

3. Stay Healthy.

When you are traveling a lot, your body can get run down and worn out. It’s so important to stay healthy, even when you’re on the road. Pack yourself a cooler full of healthy snacks and quick meals so you aren’t temped to run through a fast food place. Also, take your vitamins!!

4.  Pack Within One Color Family.

Packing neutrals has been key for me! I always try to pack a sweater that goes with everything, and a pair of shoes that are comfortable and that match all of my outfits, depending on how long I’ll be gone. It’s nice to be on the lighter side when you have to lug your bag from place to place. Plus, even if you pack lightly, and wear seemingly neutral pieces, you can always jazz it up with smaller accessories.

5. Bring Something that Comforts You.

Being on the road can be lonely sometimes. If you have something that reminds you of home, it can be really comforting. Maybe it’s your favorite tea, or your crystals, or your boyfriend’s hoodie, or all of them. Sometimes that little thing is just enough to cheer you up if you’re feeling down.

BONUS: The things I always keep in my Mary Poppins Bag

  • Emergency kit: band-aids, floss, chapstick, mints, Benadryl, Advil, Tums, safety pins, lotion, triple antibiotic ointment, mini deodorant, nail clippers, tweezers.
  • Laptop, charger. (Phone, Charger. Camera, charger, cord. Never assume your battery will last. It probably won’t.)
  •  Wallet, sunglasses, keys, pepper spray.
  • A pouch full of regularly needed items: Burt’s Bees, Lipsticks, Pony Tail Holders, Bobby Pins, Back-up Touch Up Makeup, Body Spray. (Also, Name tag, sticky notes, business cards, pens for work.)
  • Refillable Water bottle

Essential for travel 

A Few Words on the Election Results.


Obviously, the party I support did not win this election. There are many things that I would like to say, and I have refrained from posting anything until I let my emotions calm down. If I have learned anything over the past week, it’s this: life doesn’t stop. Life doesn’t stop when you candidate doesn’t win, and life doesn’t stop when your mom is hospitalized. Life keeps moving, the earth still spins, and you have to keep fighting and being strong for yourself and everyone around you. Keep pushing forward America. Keep pushing for the ideas and the issues that you believe in, that is what we are founded on. Learn from your mistakes, vote in the next election to let your voice be heard. Over 90 million eligible voters didn’t vote in the 2016 Presidential Election, and that speaks volumes. We still have a ton of work to do. If we ARE going to make America great for EVERY person in this country, we all need to stand united. I know a lot of you are hurt, myself included. But we cannot let this divide ruin us. Try to have understanding from both sides. Before you spew hatred, see each other as human beings, with daily issues and problems just like yourself. Let’s work together to accomplish great things. Fellow Dems, the road doesn’t end here! Volunteer, raise funds, and support the causes you believe in!

We are the UNITED States of America.

What I am Wearing on Election Day and Why it Matters

Let me start off by saying that I am not here to tell you how to vote. Every person should know who they would like to vote for by now, and I am not the person who is going to persuade you either way.

I took advantage of Florida’s Early Voting, so I have already chosen the people I would like to represent me. But, I was conscious about what I wore to the polls. WHITE!


Remember when I told you that I am not here to tell you how to vote? Well, I am here to tell you to VOTE! (Especially YOU, ladies!) There are a lot of people who fought very hard to earn you the right to vote, and it would be an awful shame if you didn’t even use that opportunity. There are people overseas right now defending YOUR freedom, so do them a favor and use it.

 Why did I wear white to the polls? It is a nod to the women of the suffragette movement.  White was the chosen color for demonstrations, parades, and protests for womens’ right to vote. (Other colors included purple and gold.) Wearing white is my way of being appreciative of the women who fought so hard to give their great granddaughters the right to vote. (Yes, I will be wearing white, purple, and gold on election day!)



Our fight to vote spanned over several decades, and was finally recognized nationally in 1920.  That means there are women alive today that fought for our right to vote, and watched it happen before their eyes. Imagine a world where you had absolutely no say in your government. Men had every right to tell you exactly how life was going to be. If you didn’t like it, that’s too bad, and there is nothing you can do about it. Women went to jail, went on hunger strikes, were then force fed, faced brutal police officers during protests, and faced discrimination in the home and in the workplace….all to gain a vote. Unfortunately, the struggle didn’t end there. Even forty years later, African American women and men were still prevented from voting in many areas of the country.  The fight continued.  Today, the people of this country can vote no matter their sex, or the color of their skin.

However, the struggle for equality is not over… across the board. There is still discrimination that happens today against gay men and women, Hispanics, African Americans,  Asian Americans, Middle Eastern men and women… and the list goes on and on. Don’t let yourself be blinded, our minorities still face so much discrimination and inequality today. Even as a white woman, I have faced discrimination because of my sex. Even today, women only make 80 cents for every dollar a man makes. (source) Even today, women are afraid to walk to their cars without pepper spray in their bags, or without carrying a weapon in fear of sexual assault. Even today, women are sexually harassed on the streets, and are taught to just ignore it, because there is nothing we can do about it. Even today, women are taught rape safety, but men are not taught not to rape. Even today, there are still debates about whether or not a woman should make choices about her own body or not. Even today, women are still taught at an early age that it is her responsibility to take care of the children and to stay in the kitchen. (Don’t believe me? Look at the types of toys assigned to little girls, and then at the toys assigned to little boys.)  There is still work to do here, ladies and gentlemen.

Even if you do not like our current political situation, the fact is that this is a historic moment for women. A woman is the nominee for one of the two major political parties of the United States. (Not only that, but there are TWO women on the ballot!)

This is a huge moment for women all over the world, and even if you don’t like her, it still proves a step in the right direction for women.


So, I invite you to celebrate the fact that women have the right to vote, and that we are even able to vote for a woman in this Presidential Election. I will be wearing white, purple, and gold. Will you?


If you haven’t already… get out there and VOTE VOTE VOTE! This is your opportunity to share your voice. People have protested, been beaten, been jailed, harassed, and died for your right, so USE IT!

Not sure where to vote? Check out VOTE 411

PS: To all the men and women who supported the #Appealthe19th movement on social media…. We’ve had the vote for 96 years, and we’re not going ANYWHERE!

Also: Thanks for letting me borrow your shirt, Jason 😉 <3