Living for the Weekend

Photo in honor of Taco Tuesday <3

Many of you know that I recently took on a second job to save up some money for Jason and I’s wedding. So, I work full-time at my regular job, and then I was working on the weekends too. Meaning, NO DAYS OFF. I enjoyed both of my jobs, so that wasn’t the tough part. The tough part was never having a day to myself.

Before having two jobs, I was really living for the weekends. Not to say that I don’t have fun at my job, because I very much do. However, after I would get home from work, it was like lost time. I didn’t really do much with my nights except for relax. It is always good to take a few nights to relax, or else you get overwhelmed. But what is the harm in having some fun on a week night? When I didn’t have my weekends, I had to fit in my social time elsewhere. I had to figure out how to NOT live for the weekends, and just LIVE.

Recently, Jason and I have been making a real effort to do some fun things during the week to keep us going. We want to live every day, not just on the weekend. Every day should be fun and enjoyable, work or not.  Why are we only living two days a week?

So tonight, Jason suggested we make Tacos for Taco Tuesday. We thought, why not make an event out of it? We had a family dinner with his parents and even invited a few of our friends over for tacos and margaritas. Can’t beat that for a Tuesday! Why wait for a Friday to celebrate?

IMG_7528Beat the mundane weekly schedule, and go do something fun– during the week!

You might be thinking… wait I have to have my nightly routine, I can’t go out and spend the whole night with friends. Okay, I hear you. I like to have my night-time routine, my outfit picked out, my tea at night, my face washed. I like to feel prepared for the next day ahead.  That’s fine! You don’t have to be elaborate and celebrate all night to have fun. Have a glass of wine with your girlfriend, make a special dinner with your significant other, take a yoga class with friends. After that you can focus on the day ahead, you certainly don’t need all night to do it.

Live every day! Cherish the moments with the ones you love.

Just  a little motivation to keep your wheels spinning, even during the week.

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  1. Shawn Faulconer says:

    Love your Taco Tuesday. Looks yummy!

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