Pursuit of 22

Birthdays are my favorite; I absolutely love the idea of celebrating another year of beautiful life. I happen to have been born on a holiday, and so my birthday is filled with a little extra hype. Yes, I am a “Valentine Baby.”

IMG_9811 copy

IMG_9812 copy

Of course, I had to pick the perfect outfit for the occasion. These pants were MUST HAVES when I laid eyes on them, my birthday was just an excuse to do a little shopping!

IMG_9809 copy

IMG_9819I mean who could resist that bow?! It’s too adorable, and it gives the look a bit of an Audrey Hepburn vibe. I paired the pants with a really comfy kimono sleeve top to add just a little more detail. This is my version of the catalog look from Anthropologie.

IMG_9802 copy IMG_9804 copy IMG_9805 copy(By the way, I don’t recommend playing with balloons on a windy day. It was a miracle we got the balloons to stay up for a couple of shots!)

IMG_9823 copyI have been so bored with my hair lately. I’m trying to grow it out (I think). Instead of doing anything drastic, I have been playing with updos. This one is fun and easy to put up.

IMG_9832 copyI hope you all have a beautiful Valentine’s Day!

Special thanks to Becca Vaughan for photographing this post

and to Catherine coons for editing the photos.

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