Pursuit of Adventure and Relaxation

Its been a long time since my entire family has been on a vacation together. Its been long overdue, that’s for sure. Last weekend, my mom booked a cabin for the whole gang, in the middle of nowhere. My mom, her boyfriend Charles, my sister Jillian, her best friend Kristen, My dad, Jason, and I. It was so nice to see everyone and actually spend some time together. Usually a visit with my family only lasts a day or so, and I am running around trying to see everyone. It was great to have everyone in one place, and having the opportunity to do some really cool activities.  It was truly a really fun experience, and we did things I never really get to do ordinarily.  We went to a rodeo, rode horses, hung out with buffalo, drank at the saloon, did archery, went on an air-boat ride, and ate barbecue food every night. It was beautiful. So beautiful that I thought I’d share some of the pictures on here for everyone to see.








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It felt so nice to breathe in some fresh air, and get away for a little while. It was a wonderful vacation… But now its back to putting the new place together and working super hard. Back to the grind.


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