Pursuit of Back to School

IMG_4942Woah, I can’t believe I will have my last first day of school tomorrow. It’s crazy to believe that I am actually finishing college this semester. Four years ago I was moving away from my home for the first time, and beginning a whole new journey. It is amazing to see the person I have become in four years time.

IMG_4945“First day of school” outfits have always been fun to put together over the years. Somehow they are a little more significant than other ordinary day outfits. It is your first impression, and first impressions truly do mean so much. I am a firm believer in “if your outfit is put-together, your life is put-together.” If you put the effort into dressing the part, the part may come a little easier. There is no exception for the first day of school.  If you start out on a good note, the rest will follow.


My final back to school outfit is a mix of casual and dressy. I have never been one to dress too casual for class. I like to be comfortable but still present myself in a professional way. Often times professors can have wonderful connections to business opportunities. I want to look my best to maintain the impression that I am employable, and someone that they could give a recommendation about. When I get dressed, I think about dressing for the job I would like to have.


By pairing denim with a dressier top and kitten heels, it balances out the look to seem put-together but not over the top.  (By the way, every girl needs the perfect pair of comfy nude heels. They go with EVERYTHING. )

IMG_4969My favorite accessory of this outfit is this ring by Chic Verte. It is the perfect subtle addition to the outfit that makes it feel oh-so Fall. This ring is actually a slice of a deer antler, set on top of a thick gold band. How cool! (No deer were harmed in the making of this ring though, no worries! Deer naturally shed their antlers throughout time, and that is where this ring comes from.) Chic Verde is really cool because they use things found in nature to make beautiful jewelry, and each piece is hand crafted. I am becoming a huge fan of their products. (I pretty much want everything in their new Fall Bohemian Collection.)

I am so excited for what this semester will bring.

What are you wearing on your first day back? What are you studying?

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