Pursuit of Being Darling

IMG_0320Today’s post will be a little bit of fashion mixed with a concept that I have fallen in love with.  Darling Magazine is not only a magazine filled with lovely images, interviews, poems, and advice, but it is a movement in itself.


IMG_0280I mean, how beautiful is their mission statement? These beautiful words are printed onto the back page of every issue. These words are encouragement for every woman to grow to be an exceptional person.


IMG_0271After reading my first issue I was hooked. It is a different kind of magazine, full of all kinds of information and inspiration. They include articles for The Dreamer, Hostess, Confidant, Stylist, Beautician, Explorer, Achiever, and Intellectual. This magazine truly appeals to every  kind of woman.

IMG_0287 IMG_0305In their Fall 2014 issue, Darling Magazine made a full spread of words that launched a movement. This is important. Throughout history, women have always strived for their bodies to look like the “ideal” shape of the time. The problem with today’s time specifically is that the ideal is not even reality.  Most of the images that we see on a daily basis have been severely edited. Chances are, the woman that you see on the front page of the magazine you browse while checking out at the store has been edited to perfection. These types of images are absolutely everywhere. These photographs promote the idea that women are actually supposed to look like this. Celebrities even edit their social media posts to expose the ideal version of their bodies.

Let’s wake up. Real women do not look like this. Every woman is different and holds beauty in their unique shape. Darling Magazine has embraced this idea, and vows to not edit the way they portray women.  If this concept was accepted by every magazine, women around the world would no longer feel pressured to look picture-edited-perfect.  How powerful.

IMG_0141To feature this amazing movement, I thought to use simple outfitting to exemplify the concept of beauty within. “Beauty apart from vanity, influence apart from manipulation, style apart from materialism.”

IMG_0175IMG_0174I have been wearing this Cloth and Stone tunic non-stop since it’s been in my possession. It perfectly pairs with leggings for a comfy chic look. This tunic has potential to be worn a million different ways. For this look, I threw on a coat overtop because its chilly even here in Florida. I love combining caramel, black, and white. To me, it says elegant and sophisticated.


I had to add in my floral oversized tote (perfect for holding my books and magazines) to the mix.  I am anxiously waiting for the arrival of spring and florals!


Along with Darling Magazine’s print work, they also possess an amazing webpage. Check it out HERE for more beautiful things and a link to subscribe to their magazine. If you haven’t heard of Darling yet, I highly recommend you check them out.

The Art of Being a Woman

All photos taken by my handsome man, Jason Blount

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