Pursuit of Being Festive


Happy Holidays! Its that time of year again, and I am loving it. There are so many reasons to get all dressed up and fancy around this time of the season. Holiday parties are in full swing, and I am taking every opportunity to wear my favorite tulle skirt.

IMG_1529Tulle skirts are so much fun, and can make for a really special elevated outfit for parties and dinners. I found a couple of skirts that are similar to mine here, here and here.

IMG_1525Tulle skirts are actually pretty versatile, and can be outfitted a handful of ways. I love to wear mine with a simple chambray tied at the waist, and flats for a more casual look. Another favorite of mine is wearing my black Dolan turtleneck tucked into the skirt with opaque tights (and to dress it up I can add a sparkly belt like this or this).

IMG_1542For this outing, I chose to outfit this skirt more casually. I love the look of tulle with a flannel, but I wanted this look to be just a bit more elevated than that. This top from Anthropologie was the perfect in-between. The pattern and colors made the look very festive, and because of the material, it made the outfit look a little more polished than a regular old flannel.


To complete this ballerina-esque look, I paired it with my favorite camel colored lace-up flats from Urban Outfitters.


My best friend Becca and I did a little adventuring for this shoot. There are some really beautiful spots around Tampa Bay this time of year. The Henry B. Plant Museum outdoes itself for the holidays, and we thought it to be well worth the trip. Plant Hall was used as a hotel until 1930. This grand hotel boasted 500+ rooms, and special treasures collected from around the globe. The building was built in 1891 alongside railroad tracks, and housed plenty of famous names including, Colonel Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders, Sarah Bernhardt, Clara Barton, Stephen Crane, the Prince of Wales and Babe Ruth, to name a few.


This building is loaded with amazing history, and it is beautifully preserved with all of its Late Victorian furnishings.

IMG_1536For the holidays, the museum makes the tour a very special experience with beautiful decor throughout. It really is a sight to see, and if you live in the area and have not been, I strongly encourage that you see it. (That’s not just the History major speaking, it really is just plain beautiful)



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