Pursuit of Being Prepared


I am one of those girls who can’t seem to carry a clutch to save her life, because it simply does not have enough room. I can often be seen wearing a bigger bag full of fun goodies, some might call it a “Mary Poppins bag.” Its always good to be prepared, right?  A proper handbag should contain everything one could need for the day. In this post, I have broken down exactly what I carry in my bag on a day to day basis.

For the student in me:

IMG_9486-I usually carry my MacBook Air with me because it’s light enough, and small enough to fit in my bag. I am super busy most of the time, and I never knew when I might have an extra ten minutes to work on my blog or homework.

-I always have a plethora of pens and pencils to choose from.

-My planner is a MUST HAVE on me at all times, I would go nuts without it.

-A journal to jot down notes or thoughts is always good to have handy.

-The book I am currently reading can usually found in my bag, or textbooks for my classes.

Because I am a functioning person:




-Oh yes, and sunnies. Two pairs just to be safe. Or because I can’t decide between the two.

For the girl in me:


– A girl should always have lipstick and chapstick to keep her lips fresh throughout the day. I just happen to tend to carry every lipstick I own in my purse… just in case. I’ve recently become a little obsessed with Dr. Lipps balm. A little goes a long way, I use just a little on my lips before applying lipstick to avoid a dry lip. (It can also be used for a million other things.)

-Hand sanitizer, for sticky situations. This Barr Co. hand sanitizer smells super yummy too!

-A mini sized perfume for a quick freshen-up. My current favorite scent is from Royal Apothic, and it’s called Hot House Peonie. It lasts forever, and I constantly get compliments on my scent.

For the worry wart in me:


– I try to always  have my mini bag full of just-in-case items stored away in my purse. This includes ibuprofen, allergy medication, tweezers, chapstick, band-aids, and feminine products. You never know!

For the spiritualist in me:


-When I am feeling low on energy, or in need of a little boost, I love to carry some healing stones. When I need balance, I can feed off of their energy and it gives me a little peace of mind.

IMG_9479I feel like showing the contents of a lady’s handbag is almost like peeking into their life. This is my little sneak-peek.

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