Pursuit of Better Mornings

Tips and Tricks to Make Your Monday Morning Better


#1 Figure out what wakes you up. It may be washing your face, a cup of tea, or jumping in the shower. For me, its a giant cup of coffee. Do whatever wakes you up first! This will kickstart your morning.


#2 Give your body a good stretch. It could be a simple stretch while still laying in bed,  or a full blown yoga session. Waking up your body is so important, it will make you feel better overall.  I usually start by wiggling my toes and stretch my body parts all the way up to my neck. This is a step in my morning routine that I try not to forget. It is the worst feeling when I skip out on this, and I get in the car ready for work, but I am still stiff from my night’s sleep. No good. Must stretch.

IMG_0385#3 Pick out your outfit the night before. I know, its annoying. But trust me, it will feel so much easier in the morning. I usually only leave myself a certain amount of time to get ready in the morning before I have to head out. If I struggle with what to wear, my whole morning is thrown off. Then comes the stress, the last thing you want Monday morning. Go ahead, Sunday night, take the time to pick out your outfit. You may even want to try it on to make sure it works ahead of time.

#4 Give gratitude. Pause. Take a moment and recognize the many blessings you have in your life. Think of all the lovely people that make your life good. What are you grateful for? Find your inner calm and peace.  On a stressful Monday morning, it is worth dedicating one minute. This could change your mind frame for the rest of the week.


#5 Eat a filling breakfast. Don’t skip breakfast! Seriously. You need the nutrients to recharge your brain and your body. Think about that. The food you eat is your fuel for the day. Would you want to start your tank on empty? Likewise, would you want to start your tank on gross deep fried fatty drive-thru food? I would hope not. If you tend to run out of time like I do in the morning, I find that pre-making nutrient rich smoothies is a huge help. All I have to do is grab from the fridge and shake it up. I can even drink my breakfast in the car.

The morning is your time is your time to prep yourself for the day. Make it beautiful.

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