Pursuit of Casual Fashion



Spring outfitting doesn’t have to be complicated, its easy peasy. This look is super simple, but clean and feminine.

IMG_2669This top by Holding Horses has become a favorite of mine. The detail in the stitching is what really got me. That, and the cut of the sleeve is absolutely darling. To accessorize, I paired it with a simple citrine stone necklace. (Definitely a go-to for me.)

IMG_2684For this look, I wanted to continue the ombre feel throughout. (It almost feels like the color of the top melts into the pants.) White denim always looks crisp and clean, and is perfect for the season. I chose to roll up the denim for a more casual feel, but perhaps with a full length white denim, the outfit could be dressed up a little bit more. The almost monochromatic color story really works for this simple outfit.

IMG_2679Okay, okay. I had to add a pop of color somewhere in there! I have had these shoes for years, and they have still held up. These Jessica Simpson pumps were the perfect touch for this look. The bright floral pattern really catches the eye.


Version 2

Easy peasy lemon squeezey look for Spring

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