Pursuit of Catching Up

Oh hi there! It’s been a minute…

or a couple of weeks. Did you know that October will be the busiest month of the entire year for me?

So, while I haven’t been blogging:

I’ve been a full-time student

Been working two jobs

Packing up my apartment

Moving into a new apartment (which is still a complete mess, if you were wondering)

Getting ready for my Mom’s wedding this weekend (where Jason and I will be singing and playing during the ceremony!)

Next weekend:

Disney’s Not So Scary Halloween

Next weekend:

Maybe we can unpack! And work! Oh! and it’s my very good friend Alexander’s birthday weekend! (He made my awesome banner for my site!)

Following weekend:



…..talk about busy. So, I apologize for not plugging into my usual blogger niche. I will get back at it I promise!  I hope to have a new post up next week <3

If I have learned anything in this adventure of blogging, it’s that blogging is like having a second job… in my case a third job. It is a HUGE time investment. Luckily, I still love doing it, which makes it easier to get done. But when you are busy, your blog sometimes has to be put on pause…. and that’s okay. I had to make the decision to have a couple of moments for “me” time rather than completing a blog post… and that’s okay too.

Hoping everyone is well,


More to come

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