Pursuit of Exploration

Two weekends ago was my birthday! I am so lucky to be surrounded by beautiful people who made that weekend so special for me.

Jason and I decided, because it was also Valentine’s Day, that we would have a romantic day to ourselves for my birthday. We drove down to Sarasota and explored the Ringling Museum, and what a treat it was!

I wanted to share some photos of this beautiful place and the gorgeous day I had wandering around with my guy.

IMG_0778 IMG_0748 IMG_0608 IMG_0625 IMG_0634 IMG_0657 IMG_0841 IMG_0817 IMG_0829 IMG_0886( I mean, how lucky am I?! )

IMG_0851 IMG_1036 IMG_0998 IMG_1016 IMG_0487

More photos to come from this stunning place!

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