Pursuit of Exploration

IMG_2302Jason and I finally had a day off together, and we decided to take the opportunity to explore Ybor City.  We were pleasantly surprised to find lots of great local businesses and spots.

IMG_2288 Our first stop was Gaspar’s Grotto, where  Commune + Co. was parked. Talk about a great cup of cold brewed coffee!  Plus, the coffee is Nitro Tapped, making for a frothy smooth taste. We liked it so much, we had to take home a growler for the house. We will definitely be back. (Plus, the staff is super nice and sociable. If you haven’t stopped by to see them yet, please do! They are constantly traveling around town.) IMG_2291 IMG_2292(Just look at that frothy goodness!)

IMG_2313I enjoyed this day in my favorite vintage dress from Revolve Clothing Exchange. Its lightweight and easy for an easy-going day. I paired it with my big floppy hat and a comfy pair of ballet flats. Relaxed, but still in style.
IMG_2367 IMG_2351We loved seeing the history embedded within the city of Ybor. Some of the original buildings still stand, and you can see old cigar factories repurposed for new businesses. The culture of the old city is still alive and booming. IMG_2339Of course, Jason had to have a hand rolled cigar. Freshly rolled cigars are something Ybor is known for, in fact the city was built on cigars. (Hence the nickname Cigar City.)

IMG_1905Our final stop in Ybor was at Coppertail Brewery. This new brewery was everything I had heard it would be. It had a great atmosphere in a large space with modern salvaged decor. Oh, and they have great beer.IMG_1896

I am not a huge fan of beer, but I enjoyed tasting different flavors, and liked a couple myself. (You have to try the coffee flavored one! It is brewed with whole coffee beans, which makes for a really interesting flavor.)


IMG_2233We loved exploring through a little city that is right in our back yard. When you think Ybor, usually it is for its night life. But, if you look just a bit further, there are plenty of little surprises throughout the city that are great for day-time exploring.

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