Pursuit of Fashion

IMG_4837Okay, so I am seeing flared denim pop up all over the place, and it has inspired me to bring out a pair of my denim flares from last year. Something about flared denim is just a little more elegant than a skinny, and seems to be easy to make a little dressier. For this look, I was channeling a “casual Friday.” This is the kind of outfit that you could wear on a jeans-Friday to work, and then wear it out afterward.

IMG_4841This top was one of my favorite Summer pieces, but that’s no reason it has to go to the back of the closet just because Summer is coming to a close. When you outfit it with a layer and other colors, (rather than a white denim and espadrille sandals) it fits right into fall. A peplum top is a great way to style flared jeans, and the shape is really flattering a lot of different body types.


(The top and the necklace are now on sale, by the way, you can get them here and here. )

IMG_4831If you’re in the market for flared jeans, I’ve compiled a list of my favorites here:






IMG_4869How do you wear flared denim? Do you dress it up or keep it casual? I’d love to hear from you!

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