Pursuit of Fashion

With a big move to a new apartment coming up, I have really been trying to save all my pennies so I can be comfortable when that time comes around. This means no frivolous spending for clothes. Being at work every day as the personal stylist for Anthropologie,  the temptations have been ridiculous. I have had to be really creative to mix up my wardrobe and spice up my clothes.


I had my eyes on a couple pairs of beautifully damaged jeans. I actually didn’t own any kind of ripped jeans, and I longed to have that casual look added to my closet. I thought  they would really be perfect to have  for summer in Florida. So, being money conscious, I decided to take on a little DIY project. I already owned a pair of  worn in Levi’s, that I never really wore. They were more of a boyfriend cut and fit, so this was perfect for my little project.

 First I did a little research, and actually found a  “How- To” video made by Free People. This video ended up being all I needed to understand how to make the perfect pair of ripped denim.

So I got out my tools, and went to town. It ended up being a really fun project, and I was really happy with the results. Free People really got into explaining the little details that make the denim special and how to make them. It was fun to have the liberty to choose where the details would go and just how I would like them.


Pretty soon, I was wearing these puppies with everything. They are so incredibly comfortable because I had already worn them in quite a bit, and its especially satisfying knowing that I made them myself.  With each wash, they get better and better, which is so different for denim. I am usually very dryer- conscious when washing my clothes. It is so convenient, and much faster to just throw this pair in the dryer instead of hanging them out to dry.


My favorite way to outfit my new beauties is to dress them up a bit. I am not usually dressed down, and like to have elevated outfitting for work. Mixing a beautiful, more dressy blouse with these casual pants makes for a great outfit.

For this outfit, I chose a pretty simple blouse by Maeve. Its been one of my  go-to pieces for quite some time. Its lightweight, which is always wonderful in the summer and  is actually pretty flattering. It is just dressy enough to enhance the outfit without overdoing it. I combined golds and creams to make for a pretty neutral color pallet. This outfit could easily transition into any season of choice.

IMG_0879 - Copy

To make more of a statement, I added this bold necklace. This necklace is one of my favorites because it is so different. It is quite special to me too, because it used to belong to my grandmother. I have played with this necklace since I was a little girl, it is so fun to be able to wear it as an adult. Vintage seventies hand-me-downs are wonderful in my book. This necklace really perfects the whole look, and really makes it special.

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