Pursuit of Fashion

B__L0346It’s time to get a little crafty around here. I love fashion, and I love dressing according to the season, my my bank account isn’t endless. My next couple of posts are going to include ways to take your spring wardrobe to fall.  With a few simple changes, you can have a fresh look in your closet.

I made a post in the summertime with this same top, but outfitted completely differently. Remember this?

blue striped down 22 blue striped necklace

purse shoes

This outfit works wonderfully in the spring or the summer. I loved it with white jeans, brown sandals, and turquoise accents. But for fall, this would feel completely out of place. (Summer outfitting photography by Rebecca Vaughan)

B__L0349 B__L0353

B__L0407By pairing this top with dark denim and a pair of boots, it is great for fall! The yellow scarf is really the cherry on top for this outfit. It takes the look from good to great. By accessorizing the top the right way, it transforms the piece entirely. I find accessorizing to be so very important for really spicing up my wardrobe. By changing a scarf or a necklace, it can truly change an entire outfit.B__L0394

B__L0425 B__L0426


All other photography by Catherine Coons

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