Pursuit of Fashion and Craftiness

I really dislike being a repetitive outfit repeater. (That sounds redundant, but it’s true!) I know that with my tighter budget, I will wear the same pieces over and over again. Every couple weeks or so, its completely fine to repeat an outfit, but I like to mix and match different pieces in my closet as often as possible to make new outfits. Below, you’ll find examples of how to do just that. I have constructed six ways to wear the same skirt, and you can too!

1.  Simple: skirt, black sweater, scarf, bootiesjIMG_14832. Skirt (as a dress), black turtleneck, brown braided belt, brown riding boots


3. Repeat number two, add a vest, and put the belt around the entire outfit for a completely different look.

IMG_1494 IMG_1493

4. Skirt, black collared button down (tied at the waist), black floppy hat, booties


5. Skirt (as a dress), chambray, (tied at the waist), black tights, black point toe flats



6. Skirt (as a dress), black blazer, bejeweled gold belt, black tights, black point toe wedges



There you have it folks, six ways to wear the same piece. Honestly, there are endless possibilities. I hope this inspires you to get crafty with your own outfitting!

All photography by Becca Vaughan

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  1. Jillian says:

    number 5 is my favorite!!

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