Pursuit of Friendship and Fashion


Knowing that I have one of the most spectacular humans on this earth as a best friend is a very beautiful thing. I cannot be more thankful for this woman, she is basically my other half, and keeps me in balance. It was fate that we winded up as roommates in our Freshman year of college, truly.


One of the most admirable things about Becca is the amount of love she gives. She is SUCH a giver, and puts everyone before herself even. She is so incredibly caring and truly wants the best for all the special people in her life.  The love she has for others radiates off of her. After meeting her mother it was obvious that this love of giving came from her influence. I have felt the love of her family from all the way in upstate New York to southern Florida .

 One of my favorite jewelry collections that I wear on a regular basis was a gift from Becca and her family. These were the perfect gifts because they suited my personality and so much thought went into each piece.These Alex and Ani bracelets have become an every day accessory for me. They are wonderful because they tell a story. Each piece is unique, and was uniquely picked out for me. These bracelets are great conversation starters too! Everyone that notices them wants to talk about which ones I have and why I have them. They are so telling of someone’s likes and interests. Just by looking at these little gems, you can get a glance into my life.

Alex and Ani

The Alex and Ani company has so thoughtfully produced these bracelets. Each bracelet has a specific, well thought out meaning that is meant to empower the individual that is wearing it.  Each bracelet carries the idea of positive energy. They state, “Alex and Ani products are infused with positive energy. Ancients referred to this precious energy as “chi” and “prana,” whereas modern science refers to it as vital force. It is the natural energy that supports life.” I loved the idea of wearing this energy around on the daily. When glancing down at my wrist, its easy to keep the right mind frame.

photo (6)

I also love looking down at my wrist and being reminded of the wonderful friendship that Becca and I have attained. A best friend is not something you happen upon very often, and I am so lucky she has stuck by my side for so many years.

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