Pursuit of Getting in the Spirit

It is officially that time of year. Its time to break out the pumpkins, the spider webs, and ghoulish decor.  Jason and I both love getting festive with our decorating, and so we couldn’t wait to put together some fun little pieces to dress up our apartment.

Because I am definitely on a budget, I got a little crafty with this project. Jason and I headed over to the dollar store to pick up supplies. We found orange styrofoam pumpkins, skeleton garland, orange ribbon, a wreath hanger, some syrofoam mini pumpkins, foe flowers, a basket, a candle, and a table runner… all for nine dollars.  Then we went over to Michael’s and found some wooden letters that spelled out B-O-O! I also picked up some gold spray paint (you’ll see why soon!)


Jason surprised me with a lovely pant for the table, and some little (real) pumpkins! We also scavenged through things we already had around the place. All of this, made the apartment perfect for the season.


For me, the biggest part of changing up the décor for fall was the dining room table. What an easy way to make a big statement. I tweaked what we bought to make the table really special.

IMG_1339 IMG_1331

The styrofoam pumpkins originally were bright orange, and slightly tacky. So! I took a little gold spray paint and turned them into something much more elegant.



I had also hunted around our complex to find pine cones to put in our basket. I ended up painting a few of them gold to give it that extra beautiful touch. (And because I am a gold fanatic). I then surrounded those pine cones with the red foe flowers I had found at the dollar store.

IMG_1337 IMG_1336

IMG_1335Finally, I lit the candles, and made a small crystal grid to complete the table. I tried to appoint crystals that would be used for grounding and connecting to the earth during this wonderful change in weather. (More on how to make your own crystal grids to come)

IMG_1343The next little project was for the wall directly behind the dining room table. It was so bare, I couldn’t stand it. I did a super simple arts and crafts project to liven it up a little, and to set the mood for the season. I simply cut out construction paper in the shape of flags, wrote on it, strung it with string, and hung it up.  It spells out, give thanks, which I think is such a beautiful intention of the season. It really is a great reminder for our daily lives.

The next mission was the door. I thought about making a big lovely wreath filled with fall leaves, ect. BUT! because Jason and I love Halloween so much, we wanted to go more in that direction.

So naturally, I took to Pintrest! I thought this idea was absolutely adorable. It didn’t cost much, and it was super simple to make. I simply tied the letters together with ribbon and hung it on the wreath holder.

We then put the finishing touch of a skeleton garland across the door to add more of a spooky touch! I can’t wait until I can actually carve jack-o-lanterns to keep in front too!

Putting these little touches on our apartment has allowed it to feel more like home for us, and I am so grateful for that.

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