Pursuit of Hairstyling

I am so excited, because my hair is FINALLY long enough to do a braid crown again. This style is so fun, and just a little out of the ordinary. It is a playful way to spice things up when my hair game is getting a little dull. Its also pretty easy to do, and great for those in between wash days. Every time I wear this style, someone asks how I do it, so I decided I would post a little tutorial on how I do my version of a braid crown.

What you will need:


A few tiny hair ties, lots of bobby pins, de-frizzer of choice, and a little bit of hairspray if you’d like.


I like to start out with my hair a little damp, but it’s not completely necessary. I find that it’s easier to work with my hair when its not stringy and dry. I also put a de-frizz serum in my hair before beginning because I don’t want to be a frizzy mess after the braids dry. 

I have a natural side part, and I don’t change it for this style, even though I will be sectioning my hair off into two parts.

IMG_9594I simply part my hair in the middle down the back to even out the two sides.

IMG_9597From there, I pull a few pieces out in the front to frame my face a little.

IMG_9605Then the braiding begins. I simply braid my hair on each side, and attach a tiny hair tie to be discreet.


Its perfectly fine if you have layers (like me), and little tiny hairs pop out of your braid. You can always bobby pin them later, and I tend to like my braids a little messy anyways.


IMG_9617After braiding both sides, I twist them across the top of my head. (This usually takes a little situating to get it just right.)

IMG_9619Then comes the many, many bobby pins. The trick is to make them practically unnoticeable by weaving them into the braid instead of just laying them on top. I always try and tuck the ends of the braid in first, making sure that the hair tie can’t be seen.

IMG_9621Once I feel like the braids are secure, I spritz a little hairspray on top for extra hold. Simple, done!  There are a million ways to play with braids in your hair. This is not the only way to do a braid crown, it is just the easiest way for me. Braid crowns are wonderful for all seasons and occasions (Did you see how beautiful Emily Blunt’s braid crown was at the Golden Globes??)  Just by adding a little detail in your hairstyle, your look can become even more put together.  Braid on!

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