Pursuit of Local Spotlights

IMG_9764I have been looking into going to Green Bench Brewing for quite some time now, and I now regret not going sooner! So many people around Tampa have recommended this place, I had to find out what all the hype was about. Some friends and I decided to explore around St.Pete a little on Tuesday, and our first stop was Green Bench.

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Not only does Green Bench have great beer, but they also have a really cool set up. The high ceilings are decorated with eclectic light fixtures, and the walls are complete with some sweet artwork. There are little details throughout the building that make the structure really special.


IMG_9701 IMG_9681Personally, my favorite part of the brewery was the outdoor section. The courtyard had so much space to spread around, and is complete with lawn chairs, and adorably strung lights. Green Bench actually screens movies out in the yard once a month, and the courtyard is even dog (and kid) friendly. When we walked outside, we were happy to see children running and playing on the lawn, and a puppy (who was very excited to see Jason.)

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Green Bench offers a wide variety of beers to order, and they are constantly changing what is on tap. My friends and I decided to order two beer flights so we could taste our options. This turned out to be a great idea because we all could get at couple sips of all the beers we were interested in. Then we could choose which one we wanted a full size of. I’m not a big beer drinker myself, but I instantly fell for the almost sour tasting 1903.

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IMG_9693We loved that the yard was filled with things to occupy your time too. They had corn hole to play, and even a couple of sets of giant jinga. There was also a fire pit, and even a mini garden to peek at.
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We will definitely be returning to Green Bench. The service was wonderful, as well as the beer, and the atmosphere. I would love to take a tour of the brewery (which they do on Saturdays), and attend some of their ongoing events. It was such a cool experience to visit St. Pete’s first microbrewery (finally). This locally owned brewery really captures the idea of community and creativity.

If you haven’t heard of this brewery, check out their site. And GO!


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