Pursuit of Love


“There were bells, on a hill

But I never heard them ringing,

No I never heard them at all,

Till there was you.”


Falling in love with him is a dream.  He is so incredibly caring, and the most perfect man to share my time with. I am the luckiest woman alive to have found someone who cares for me as much as he does. It is a truly magical feeling to find someone who you love, and who loves you in return. He is my best friend and my lover, and it still amazes me that I can continue to fall more and more in love with him as time passes. smiles

A few weeks ago, Jason made a promise to me, and gave me a ring to signify a permanent place in his heart. This promise meant the world to me. It was something he had promised to me many times before, but this meant something different. “I promise to love you forever,” beautifully strong words, and paired with a symbol of love. It was perfect, and the ring was gorgeous. Unfortunately that ring ended up having many issues with the setting of the stones and the size. My finger was bare for a couple of weeks, and this week I was surprised with the replacement.IMG_0844

He reminded me of the promise that he had made, and slipped a beautiful gold ring onto my finger. It was breathtakingly beautiful. This vintage ring was special too, because it held another meaning.


Around the diamond, the gold ring is shaped like a flower, a lotus flower to be exact. A lotus flower signifies enlightenment. The flower grows through the mud, and water to be a beautiful flower above. I think this meaning translates into any relationship. A relationship isn’t just about being the pretty flower on top, but growing. Growing through the dirt and mud, and still coming out so beautiful. Jason has helped me realize that I am worth the kind of love that he gives me. He believes in my dreams, and wants to be a part of them. He pushes me to grow as a person, and makes me feel so beautiful. Through the mud and water, and anything else the universe has to throw our way, we will grow through, and come out with understanding, grace, and beauty.

Perfect kissThese beautiful pictures of us were taken when we first started dating  by our friend Kaity Ayers, and her fiance Alex. Check out her photography, it is stunning.  http://www.kaityayres.com/

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