Pursuit of Positive Energy

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I’m about to get a little spiritual and a little weird, but there is kittens involved, so stay tuned. It seems that a lot of people ask me questions about my use of crystal healing. So, in this post, I’m going to give out a little knowledge about healing stones and crystal grids. I find it to be quite fascinating, and beneficial to my life.


Lets start with the basics:

Crystals are beautiful stones that give off subtle energies that vary from stone to stone. People use crystals for all sorts of healing. For me, it is great for stress management, and for adjusting the balance of energies within my body.  Every person has seven main centers for energy, and they are located along the spine. If a center is misaligned, it can cause physical illness and mental weakness. These energy centers are called Chakras. (For more information on Chakras, I recommend this website.) Certain crystals can be used to activate and align the Chakras within your body with the right intention.  Throughout our apartment, I have set up small crystal grids. These grids are geometric patterns of stones that create energies according to the type of crystals placed within. There are many different ways to make a crystal grid, and its pretty hard to go wrong.  I’m going to go through the steps to make a very simple crystal grid for healing the heart and your spiritual connection.

Its important to note, that crystal healing can go hand in hand with many different kinds of religion. It is all about intention, and prayer, which is a pretty universal concept between belief systems. It combines the idea of being immersed into the earth and the connection with universal forces and the divine.

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Firstly, you will want to cleanse your crystals. You can cleanse your crystals by either soaking them in salt water (making sure they are not water soluble), by burying them in the earth over night, by using sage, and many many other ways.  My personal favorite way is to soak them in Himalayan salt water for a day and to let that soak in the sun. This recharges the crystals, and clears them to soak in the intentions that you may have for them.

Then you will want to find your intention for the selected stones. An intention is simply your focus, or what you would like these crystals to do for you.



For this grid, I used three different kinds of crystals. Amethyst, which is purple; Fluorite, which is green; and Aventurine, which is also green. I set two different intentions, according to the coloring of the crystals. The Amethyst crystals correlate to the Crown Chakra, and can stimulate those energies. The Crown Chakra is related to spirituality, divine connection, and trusting the universe.  For the Amethyst stones, I centered my affirmations and intentions around these ideas. I focused my affirmations around feeling connected, and having an understanding of the life path I am on. The Fluorite and the Aventurine crystals stimulate the Heart Chakra. This Chakra is focused on love, acceptance of oneself, and relationships with others. An example of an affirmation relating to these crystals would be, “My heart is full of compassion, love, and forgiveness. “


For the center crystal, I used my favorite Amethyst cluster. It is special to me, and has been beneficial in previous crystal and Chakra meditations. I knew that this crystal would powerful center to my grid.

IMG_1458 IMG_1459After cleansing and setting intentions, the crystals can be put into place. Again, you can’t really go too wrong. Any kind of geometric pattern that will link up the energies flowing from the crystals will do. To activate grids, I usually use my index finger to connect the crystals energies together. Then, a meditation that focuses on the intentions will follow. This meditation will feed off of the energies supplied by the crystals.



I decided to do a meditation and then a bit of yoga to complete the entire practice. That morning, my fur children decided to join me in the fun.

IMG_1450 - Copy IMG_1441 - CopyThis post is a little bit out of the ordinary for me, but I felt it was something I should address. Even without crystals, I use meditation and affirmations daily, and it is something that has changed my life immensely. Taking a moment for yourself, and to change your attitude and your outlook on the day makes all of the difference. Even if crystals isn’t your thing, there is still something to take from this form of self improvement and connection. I hope this leaves you all intrigued and interested to find out more about yoga, meditation, and healing stones. If you have questions, leave a comment!

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  1. Roxanna says:

    I love you! Please blog more about everything! The topic of crystals was great! Its time I get back on track and that was just the thing to help me. I love how you make it ok to be spiritual and fashionable, you dont normally get to see that! Thanks for the inspiration.

    • megan.faulconer says:

      You’re the sweetest! I wanted to blog about not only fashion, but things that matter to me. Sometimes I get off this path too, but you can always begin again with a refreshed view. Glad I got your mind going, haha! Love that you can keep in touch this way, Love and miss you xoxox

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