Pursuit of Reaching Beyond the Square


I have had this urge lately to expose truth, so I am about to confess a little bit here. Something is not right, and I feel like I can’t continue blogging until I come clean. The blogging community is beautiful, and wonderfully interconnected, and I appreciate every blogger and social media guru that I have met along my journey with Everlasting Pursuits. But, we have a secret.

We are NOT perfect. There is much more to see beyond the square that is Instagram. And there is more to life than what is included in a blog post.

Of course, on social media, we only expose the good. That goes for everyone. You aren’t going to post a picture of your bad hair day, you’re going to to post a picture of the good one. We want to expose our community to the photos that highlight our best selves. Unfortunately that carries some negativity to it too.

If you only see the best of your social media communities, when you are not at your best, you may start to feel guilt or frustration… that your life is not as good as the ones you’re surrounded by. Your life is not picture perfect. It seems like so-and-so has their life so put together, and yours is just not. But in reality, we don’t see beyond the square. We don’t know their full lives.

Here comes confession time, because I am not going to go on pretending that my life is as perfect as it seems to be online. No one is perfect, so I am going to expose some of my flaws in this post. While I don’t want to sit here and list all of my flaws (because that might damage my mental health haha), I will post a couple that I think are relevant to my blog and social media outlets.

Confession #1: So many people always ask how I have the effort to put together a cute outfit every day, or polish myself the way I do on a daily basis. The truth is, it is not all sunshines and daisies. I will admit. I have outfit anxiety, and often. If I am going to be in a new social setting, I get extremely frustrated and anxious about what I am wearing. I actually have this problem where I don’t really know how to dress “casual” and cute. I am working on it, okay? Really though, most of my life I am either working, adventuring alone, or with Jason. All of those situations allow me to dress up the way I would like, I am confident there. But, if I am going somewhere that would require me to dress casual, I stress. MAJORLY. Jason and I have even gotten into arguments because of how stressed I get, and no matter what he says, nothing can help me when I am in those kinds of moods. It’s miserable. Really.

This brings me to Confession #2: I post a lot of things about my relationship. I am majorly in love with Jason, there is no hiding or denying it.. But we get this question all the time, “Is your relationship really that perfect?” Well, while we love each other and we are happy, we do have our moments. Yes, we have had fights. Yes, we bicker. No, we are not ALWAYS googley eyed over each other. But, with that being said, we are incredibly happy together. And I will say that I have never felt this way about another human, and I never want to loose the special bond we have with each other. But no, we are not perfect. Who is?

Beyond these two major confessions, I will admit that my house is not always clean, I don’t always make beautiful meals, we don’t always have fresh flowers in our house, my job is not just playing dress up, BUT our cats ARE always cute.

I guess my point of all of this is to encourage everyone to try to look beyond the square. Enjoy the beautiful things that the blogging community has to offer, but take it with a grain of salt. No one is perfect, everyone has struggles of their own.



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  1. Kelli Faulconer (aka Mom) says:

    You are perfect to me! 🙂 Love you!

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