Pursuit of Theme Parking


If you don’t already know, I was born and raised in Florida. One of the major things that comes to many people’s minds when thinking of my home state is theme parks, and appropriately so! We have 12 theme parks in the Orlando area alone (including all of Disney’s parks).

Being a Florida native, I would consider myself a little bit of an expert when it comes to theme parks. Jason and I have invested in annual park passes to the two Universal theme parks, and so we know those parks like the back of our hands. (Soon, I think we might invest in Disney passes!)

I figured I would share a little knowledge about how I prep to go to a theme park (specifically Universal), and what I would typically wear for the adventure.

First, I’ll make you a little check list.

#1 Start with an awesome bag. Usually I bring a cross body bag or a backpack. In the Universal parks there are free lockers at every ride, so no worries about bringing in a bag. Plus, its worth it to be a little prepared.

What goes in the bag: 

IMG_3014First of all (and most obviously) some hand sanitizer. There are so many people in the park that you’ll want to wash your hands frequently. My secret is scented hand sanitizer. I always like to smell fresh and lovely, which is hard when your in the hot sun and running around all day. Getting a quick freshen up with some hand sanitizer can do wonders without bringing any kind of perfume.

IMG_3018My second way to freshen up is with some lipstick. This is a quick way to really polish your look on the go. This will give your face color without bringing any other make up products with you.

IMG_3011Don’t forget hair ties and bobby pins. It gets hot, and you ARE going to want to put your hair up. There are so many ways to do a cute hairstyles and have it off your neck. Make sure you bring the supplies necessary.

IMG_3016Sunnies (duh)

IMG_3017and sunscreen. Because #1 we don’t want skin cancer, and #2 who wants those awkward t-shirt tan lines? Not I.

IMG_3006I like to bring a mini bag of first-aid related things, always. When you are eating different foods, and stressing your body walking around in the hot sun, you don’t really know how you’ll be feeling. I usually bring some tums and a pain medication. I also bring come chapstick, bandaids, and antibiotic cream. The last thing you want to do is walk around on a blister forming on your foot, or leave a cut open at a dirty amusement park. You also don’t want to pay a million dollars for the medical supplies they might have in the park. Better safe than sorry, and it takes up hardly any space.

IMG_3021Jason and I go to the parks often, and we don’t always want to spend the money on snacks or lunch in the park. Universal is beautiful and lets you bring food into the parks. I like to bring some kind of fruit (apples, grapes, and oranges work great), nuts and chips to snack on, and sandwiches if we want lunch. (This is when a backpack could come in handy.)

IMG_3010Bring a refillable water bottle! Fill it up before you go into the parks, and you can continue to fill it up throughout the day. The parks have plenty of water fountains and soda fountains with cold water and ice if you like. It is super important to stay hydrated while adventuring around.

What do I wear to the parks?

I have worn several things throughout the year, and they vary according to season. But, I have a recommendation. If you plan to go in any season other than winter, wear a dress or a skirt.

IMG_4500Its really nice because you get the breeze that flows through the skirt. I have found shorts to be restricting and hot. Also dresses and skirts can be so cute! I usually wear little flats that I know I can walk around in for a long time. Little Keds or Converse can look adorable with dresses too!

Because I am a Harry Potter enthusiast, I usually wear my house colors, or something related to Harry Potter when I am in the parks. (Notice the Time-Turner?!)


11377141_407519216086374_1023690706774569733_nMost importantly, bring patience if you are going with a group. Count on the fact that everyone will want to see different things, and take their own time with them. You have all day, don’t stress.

and have SO much fun!

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