Pursuit of Travel

At the beginning of January, I received an amazing opportunity to travel to Philadelphia for two days to visit the home office for URBN Inc. It was such a wonderful experience, and it was so inspiring to see the corporate offices of my company. I attended the URBN interview day for the possibility of a summer internship. Though I did not end up landing the internship, it was wonderful to visit nonetheless. I thought I would share some of my photos from the experience.

IMG_9285   IMG_9288IMG_9304IMG_9301IMG_9313IMG_9321IMG_9343I stayed in the Palomar Hotel, which was such a quirky amazing place. The decor wasso different, and intriguing. The view from my room wasn’t so bad either! I truly had a wonderful stay there. The Palomar even has a complimentary wine bar every night, and constant complimentary hot chocolate (which I totally appreciated because this Florida girl did not do well with 15 degree weather.)

IMG_9308 IMG_9307 IMG_9309 IMG_1471

IMG_9317 IMG_1469(Above was my view from the taxi ride from the airport, what a gorgeous city!)

IMG_9311The interviewees from within the company had dinner together at The Continental Midtown. Great food, great atmosphere! We had the entire rooftop bar to ourselves. It was gorgeous! (I apologize for the quality, as I only had my phone with me!)IMG_1496 IMG_1491 IMG_1482 IMG_1486 The next day was the big one… Home Office!

IMG_1515 (PS- SNOW!! I was too excited to finally see snow for the first time!)  IMG_9344 IMG_9345 IMG_9427 IMG_9428 IMG_9430 IMG_9436 IMG_9439 IMG_9441 IMG_9448 IMG_9460 IMG_9461

IMG_1520 IMG_1521 IMG_1522 IMG_1526 IMG_1527 IMG_1530 IMG_1532

The campus is absolutely beautiful! All of the buildings are crafted to mix an industrial feel with an earthy artsy tone. The main building, pictured above, housed a cafeteria (with quite a few yummy options,) a coffee shop, a book store, a gym, and offices filled with product.

After my interview, I had just enough time before my flight to take a tour of the grounds.

The first stop was the Free People Building. Although I am a die-hard Anthropologie girl, the Free People building was definitely my favorite.

Each building’s lobby is decorated to reflect the brand, and it is very possible to distinguish each brand’s building merely from their decor.


IMG_9365 IMG_9357 IMG_9370 IMG_9366 IMG_9372 IMG_9374(Side note: It was super cool that there were green plants everywhere when there was snow on the ground outside.)

Can you guess which building this piece of art was in? (Urban Outfitters, of course.)

IMG_9382 IMG_9383 IMG_9388 IMG_9391(Another side note: I didn’t get to capture any of the cute puppies running around, but URBN is very okay with bringing your dog to work, in fact, it’s encouraged.)

IMG_9401This monstrosity of a building houses Anthropologie and BHLDN. If I remember correctly, it is the size of two football fields stretched out.

IMG_9403 IMG_9408 IMG_9422 IMG_9416 IMG_9415My favorite part of this building was the chandelier in the center. It used to belong in one of the BHLDN stores, but now resides in home office. Again, the mixture of industrial and elegant looks are displayed in this space. Brilliant.

IMG_9419 IMG_9414IMG_9346Home Office was beautiful in every respect. It was a dream to tour, and to experience for a day. Going to Home Office was so inspiring and gave me insight about the company I work so hard for. To see that the culture of the brand extends even into their corporate offices is impressive to say the least. I hope I get the chance to visit again.

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