Pursuit of Trying New Things

IMG_2914I was so thrilled the day I got an email saying Rocksbox wanted me on their team of what they called “It Girls.” At the time, I had heard of Rocksbox, but I didn’t know quite what it was all about. What a great concept!


As I dug further in, I found out that Rocksbox is a company that will send you an adorable box of personalized designer jewelry in the mail. You can wear the jewelry as much (or as little) as you want, and then you can send it back in the very box it was sent in. After that, you will be sent a new box of fresh picks of jewelry. So essentially you are wearing high quality, designer jewelry without commitment or the high price tag.

If you fall in love with a piece, and don’t want to send it back, you can buy it at a discounted price. (You also get $10 of Shine Spend, taking another $10 off your purchase.) Pretty good deal huh? You know I love the deals.

So far, I have been loving it.


I might not ever send this Kendra Scott necklace back, I have been wearing it with everything. Literally.

IMG_3200 copy IMG_3508 copy


I think my favorite part about Rocksbox is how personalized it is. You are assigned a personal stylist  that hand picks your collection for each box. You can also put special items in their inventory onto your “wishlist” so you can receive them in your packages too.

There is lots of room for feedback so that your next box is even better than the last.

IMG_2925Oh yeah, and its as easy as putting a comment on Instagram to add things to your wishlist.

IMG_2916I am so super excited that I am involved with this company.

If you would like to get one month of Rocksbox for free, head over to https://www.rocksbox.com and enter ” everlastingpursuitsxoxo ” at the check out!

PS- This is NOT a sponsored post. This company is actually really cool, and  I love the concept. I hope you all do too!

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