Root Chakra: 3


Let’s start feeling grounded.

In order for you to really heal, you have to search within yourself. You have to really ask yourself what your character, soul, body, mind  is missing. If you want to do that, you have to quiet the mind, and let yourself speak. This can be called meditating. Take yourself to a comfortable, quiet space where you can focus on what is on your mind. Doing this has helped me TREMENDOUSLY in the past.

When balancing my chakras, sometimes I use other tools to help my brain really hone in on what I am trying to accomplish. It is easy to let your mind wander to other things.  I have used yoga, guided meditations, music, and crystals to help keep my mind in the right place.


Today, lets talk about crystals.

I use crystals healing often. Different kinds of crystals can make the energy around you feel different. Different kinds of crystals can also help stimulate certain chakras. If you want to learn a little more about crystals and how to make a crystal grid, THIS POST from last year goes a little more in detail.


If you are trying to stimulate your root chakras, Carnelian, Citrine, Red Jasper, are all helpful crystals.  Instead of just creating a grid, you can also do medications with crystals.

In order to do this, get yourself in a comfortable position. It could be in your bed, in the bath, on your yoga mat.. wherever is comfortable for you.

IMG_5986(For me, the bath is ALWAYS the #1 choice!)

Place the stones in a circular formation over your root chakra (pelvic area). We place the crystals in a wheel formation to mimic the wheel-like energy that flows through your chakras. If the area is blocked, then the crystals will give energy to that area to make it flow again.

“Once you feel comfortable, ask for guidance from whatever your personal belief system is. You will be able to listen and trust the information that you receive. Ask yourself if there is anything from your past belief systems that is holding you back today.Once you feel as if you have gained some helpful information from your higher self, remove the crystals. Write down any information you received in a journal. Rinse your root chakra stones off under running water, and sage them with smoke. Place them back in the bag or whatever sacred space you store them in. ” (source)


I like to do crystal meditations before bed or when I am in the bath, because I feel most at peace. Again, you can also make grids around your house to stimulate your chakras and overall energy.


Chakra energy boost tip: If you are going to be meditating in the bath, try adding in a little ginger scented bubble bath. Ginger is a great way to stimulate your root chakra since it is a root, and grows underneath the earth!

IMG_5991I also love this Organic Ginger Pear tea from Trader Joe’s, which could also stimulate the same area. 

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