Root Chakra Reflection

Hey! It’s February!


I’ve been working on my root chakra for a little while now. Shifting my focus back onto improving myself has made such a difference for me. Although balancing your energies is a constant battle, I feel better in tact than I was before.

In my first post about the root chakra I said, “If your root chakra is in balance or open properly, you will feel secure in your world and daily tasks will seem effortless. You will not have any doubts about your place in the world and things will work for you, whether it be with relationships, money or with a career.” When I first started working on my root chakra again, it was probably the perfect timing. I had just graduated a month prior, and wasn’t really sure where my career with Anthropologie was headed. I really had to let go and trust that things would work out for me. By having that focus every day, I felt like I was able to handle the stress of not knowing about my career for a month. Finally, the new fiscal year rolled in for the company, and I found out that I was promoted to a supervisor position. All of the patience and hard work I had put in paid off. I just have to keep the mentality that things will continue to work out for me when they are supposed to, and I will grow even further with my career.

 “I am open to possibilities.
I am grateful for all the challenges that helped me to grow and transform.
I trust in the goodness of life.”

While working on this chakra, I  really tried to incorporate a healthier lifestyle. While I didn’t ALWAYS eat super healthy, (I’m working on it, okay?!) I did start doing yoga again. This made me feel like I was actually paying attention to my body, and was giving it what it needed. The root chakra puts a lot of focus on the physical.  It challenges you to fuel your body with  nutritional foods, lots of water, and exercise.  By feeding your body with what the earth naturally offers up to you, you are more connected to the earth.

I am grounded, stable, and standing on my own two feet.
I nurture my body with healthy food, clean water, exercise, relaxation, and connection with nature.”

I am going to continue to work on eating clean, and eating foods that make my body feel good. I want to continue my yoga practice and really keep going with the balance of this new life I’ve started.

Overall, I am feeling great! I think I am about ready to shift my attention to the next chakra.

Stay tuned,



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