Sacral Plexus Chakra

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So, we begin our journey into the sacral plexus chakra. The sacral plexus is located right about the root chakra, just below the belly button. The color of the sacral plexus is orange. (If any of you know me well, you know that orange is my LEAST favorite color to put it nicely.) The sacral plexus governs over but also reproductive activities, emotions and creativity.

“The sacral plexus chakra is where the soul embraces the body. It is the chakra that represents the innocent self of a person before he/she is influenced by society. This chakra is connected to your intuition because it is governed by faith and trust. Artists, musicians and healers usually have strong sacral plexus chakras because this chakra is strongly connected to creativity.

People with weak or blocked sacral plexus chakras may appear lifeless because of their lack of emotions. They may lack sexual desire and may have a hard time getting pregnant. Physical symptoms such as, kidney problem, sexual dysfunction, constipation, and lower back pain may be the results of having a weak or blocked sacral plexus chakra.” (source)

 “The way we express our emotions and how we make our decisions are affected by this chakra. It turns universal energy into manifesting, or attracting, energy. It acts as a magnet, attracting all that we think and feel, and mirrors those same thoughts and emotions into this reality through the everyday decisions that we make.

The Svadhisthana is represented by the color orange and it defines how we connect ourselves with others. This chakra is known to be a place of receiving and giving, whether it be tangible or intangible. The act of exchanging gifts, or even the exchange of emotions and feelings for one another begins here. It also holds our connection to our desires and sexuality, and it helps bring a balance to all the polarities that exist within our lives. Inspirations for creative ideas, businesses, and artistic endeavors may enter our being through our Crown Chakra, but it is in the Svadhisthana and Muladhara where they are stored. The Sacral Plexus Chakra is what allows us to give birth to these ideas, manifesting them into our reality. It is also the energy center that directly deals with childbirth, manifesting life into existence.” (source)

“Physical : Bladder, Cystitis, Endometriosis, Fertility issues, Miscarriages, Fibroids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Kidney complaints, Menstrual Problems, Muscle Cramps/ Spasms, Ovarian Cysts, Pre-menstrual Syndrome, Prostates Disease, Testicular Disease, Uterine Fibroids, Candida, Impotency, Bedwetting, Frigidity, Creative Blocks.

Emotional : Guilt, Embarrassment, Shame, Distrust, Impatience, Desire to hide, Nervousness, Holding on, Uptight, Frustration, Inadequacy, Anger, Tendency to push for things, Feeling victimized, Expecting the worst, Numbness, Neediness, Detaching from oneself and going out of body, Feeling shut down, Depression, Denying your own needs, Not supporting yourself, Blaming others, Anger at a mate, Punishing oneself, Denial of self, Rejecting femininity or masculinity, Bitter words left unspoken, Sexual pressure, Tension, Rigid social beliefs, Spite against a previous mate, Fear of mother, Emotional overflow, Years of controlling emotions, Fear of father, Denial of pleasure, A belief that sex or intimacy/touch is bad.”  (source)

This chakra has always been a challenge for me, I think my troubles with this chakra started as a child, and still stick with me today. I might spend a little more time on this chakra simply for this reason.

I’m going to get really honest and real here, because balancing your chakras is not always sunshines and daisies… in the past, my sacral plexus was completely shut down, no parts of this chakra were flowing with energy.  Before I was with Jason, I was stuck in a relationship that did not serve me, and that deeply affected my sacral plexus.  I was not comfortable with my self image, my sexuality, or inner security because I was chained down by a relationship that did everything to break down those positive thoughts.  “If your Svadhisthana is under-active, you can become a very disconnected and cold person towards those that you love. You will also be out of touch with your emotions, and even your sexuality. Life will become very bland and boring, and you will feel no real sense of joy or happiness. In your relationships, you may find yourself being used and abused, and perhaps even manipulated and controlled. One may even be so insecure to the point where he or she begins to manipulate their partner to establish control. It is also common for those with under-active Svadhisthanas to be extremely overindulgent, whether it be with food, sweets, alcohol, drugs.” (source).  When I started with chakra healing, I realized how damaging this connection was, and it took a while because I was in denial, but I finally said no more. This did a lot for my healing process. Sometimes balancing your chakras can be more than meditating, yoga, and crystal healing. Sometimes it is making big life changes that will serve you better in the end. After going through all of that, my motto became, “Only do things that serve YOU.” By sticking with this, I have become a happier, more pleasant person.  I still had more healing to go even after that, because I had to restore myself, and rebuild that positive energy.  I cut many other things out of my life that related to this issue too, and it has made a world of difference. 

Though that connection is long in my past, I still find moments when I realize that my sacral plexus is a little off balance. Jason and I are in an extremely happy relationship, and I feel as though our relationship has actually helped my sacral plexus blossom. I feel secure, happy, and beautiful with his love surrounding me. That is how a relationship should feel. 

I look forward to putting more emphasis on this part of my body. I will keep posting things to the site about different ways to heal, and let you know about different things that are working for me.

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