Travel Diary: LA: Hollywood and LACMA

Day two of our LA Adventure mostly consisted of playing tourists. Coffee, museums, and taking pictures of every Hollywood Star we recognized the names of.

We started off the day in Larchmont, where we grabbed a bite to eat and coffee at Go Get ‘Em Tiger. Jason said this one definitely one of his favorite stops in LA, as far as coffee goes. The shop was small but the coffee was EXACTLY what we needed. Plus, they had a really great staff who were willing to chat with us between serving their line of customers. Highly recommended.


Larchmont was a really cute area and had a lot of offer. There were tons of little shops and restaurants to eat at. We spent some time that morning strolling down and window shopping, truly taking in the atmosphere.

After that we headed to LACMA, where we spent most of our day.

IMG_8960 IMG_0634

Los Angeles County Museum of Art was huge, and beautiful. We honestly could have spent two whole days there looking at everything. IMG_0644 IMG_0636 IMG_0705IMG_0639


We spent so much time there, that we forgot to eat lunch. This made for a very grumpy Meg, so we quickly headed to our next destination: FOOD.

We went to Mama Shelter, a hotel with a great rooftop restaurant and bar.

IMG_8963 IMG_8965The decor of the hotel was super funky and cool. When you walk into the bar downstairs, the ceilings are covered in art and there are huge foosball tables to play at. If we ever go back to LA, I would probably consider staying at this place because the atmosphere was awesome!

The only downside was that there was a LONG wait, and we were STARVING! So by the time we got to the table, we weren’t very happy campers. (If you ever try to get in anytime near sunset, get there EARLY!)  Once we got some food, a glass of champagne or two, and took in the view… our moods quickly changed. This place was beautiful, and the food was amazing!

IMG_8991 Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 10.50.23 PM

After getting some much needed energy, we headed into Hollywood to do the typical touristy thing. We saw the Hollywood Stars, Chinese Theatre, stuck our hands and feet where the stars did in the concrete… you know.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 10.56.26 PMThe moment I saw Audrey’s Star, I ran over, sat down and put my hands right on it. I couldn’t believe she was actually right there at one moment in time. Audrey Hepburn is someone that I have looked up to since I was a little girl. Not only was she beautiful, but also beautifully kind and generous. I definitely had a moment right there on that star… and I was so incredibly happy to be there.


In general, Jason and I were not huge fans of this area. It reminded us of Times Square, but we liked it a lot less..  There were lots of people, it was kind of dirty, and a little overwhelming. Once we saw the sights, we quickly headed back home for some rest.

Next Up, Day 3 in Venice and Santa Monica, and couple of ghost stories… 😉 

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